Color Trends

When a couple first becomes engaged, they are presented with so many options for their wedding day that it can feel overwhelming. Once the “when” and “where” have been determined, one of the most useful choices you can make is your color scheme; it’s the foundation of your wedding décor. Everything from your flowers to what the bridal party wears to table linens to favors, even lighting and programs, are all influenced by your color choice.

Choosing colors is not as simple as it sounds. Look for inspiration in the most unusual places – a painting you’ve enjoyed, a favorite flower, the time of year in which your wedding takes place or an article of clothing with flattering tones. Perhaps you’ve always had a favorite color; perhaps you’ve seen a wedding photo that wows you. Take your time and find the color or colors that feel just right.

Wedding color trends are constantly changing, often in sync with current fashion. Looking forward to 2012, we are seeing hot colors. Bright, impactful and bold. These colors are very purposeful and tend to make a bold statement. The trend has been to mix colors not commonly found together. Some examples would be fuchsia and celery green, orange and teal, black and pale pink, purple and red.

Trendy colors or more traditional, it’s more important that your wedding reflect who you are and the experience you hope achieve. Whether it’s subtle, formal and reserved, or funky, hip and colorful, enjoy the process.