Loving Linen

Attending to the small and not-so-small details of an event is what an event planner lives for. Among my very favorite details is linen selection. As I peruse the endless walls of linens hanging from the ceiling straight down to the floor, my creative juices begin to flow with possibilities. There are bolts and bolts of beautiful fabric just waiting to be cut or made into unique backdrops, beautiful centerpieces, draping chupas or matched with tableware, like napkins, napkin rings and chair covers or unique cushions.

The table linen selection process, as with any other part of your event, should reflect you and your personal style whether formal or casual, contemporary or reserved. They do tend to follow fashion trends, but needn’t if you prefer. They are an endlessly creative tool for setting the mood in a room. You can mix and match skirts and tops, textures and patterns; one linen for cocktail hour and a different one for the reception,

When you enter a table linen show room, keep an open mind to the possibilities. Let the staff dress a table for you complete with a chair, charger plate and napkin so you can envision how your table might look (fabric swatches won’t do it justice), and take a photo of the set tables to help solidify your ideas and choices. Don’t be afraid to discuss your budgetary constraints; a beautiful and interesting table needn’t cost a fortune.

When done properly, coordinating table linens can create interest and style without too much effort or cost. Please contact me if you’d like more information.

Linen Linen Linen Linen