A Full and Grateful Heart

So as a matter of course, or one might say “A Sign of the Times” I find myself accepting the fact that in order to stay relevant, or to be relevant at all, one must apply to the new laws of social media. In other words, fb, twitter, Instagram and g-d knows whatever else is out there! Being in the Event Business, staying Connected. Inspired. Engaged. takes on many meanings…so while I went kicking and screaming to all of this, it has really dawned on me that it is actually how and why I started this business and why I love it in the first place!

My business has Connected. me with so many wonderful people. Getting to know such fabulous clients and colleagues makes me feel like I am helping people and guiding them to create memories that make a difference in their lives. I am Inspired each and every day by the creative, intelligent, kind, hardworking, spirited and passionate people I come across in all aspects of my job- from the artists, to the designers, florists, technicians, chefs, musicians and all people who make their living by serving others and making their clients happy!

I am as Engaged as I have ever been in the whole shebang! I am working with some wonderful clients, including one I have been working with for eight years. Every year we produce a magical fundraising event, and every year, we ask ourselves how we are going to top this one, how are we going to raise even more funds for this incredible agency? Yet, we always do. In the midst of a “dreamy” gala (coming this March), there are the many Bar Mitzvah parents so filled with pride to be creating celebrations for their young adults, some who have sometimes struggled to get to the bima.  Some families are delighted to be marking their “coming of age” with a blowout soiree, others with a simple yet elegant party. There are the Mothers of the Bride who so want to give their daughters the wedding of their dreams and have honored me by letting me be a part of it. Then there are the guys who were finally able to get legally married in Massachusetts and are just such wonderful partners-luv #reallyijustluv! And then there are the young couples who are so in love with being in love and in need of guidance and a translation of their vision of a perfect wedding day! Really, I feel so lucky that each and every client has allowed me into their lives and to share these milestones and experiences.

So as I embark on “social relevance,” tweet it out into cyber space (with the helped of my lovely, talented, smart, hardworking and energetic Assistant Tahleen), I feel so grateful to those who have helped me build this business that I am told I need to tell everyone about.  This is why I’ve reached out to my wonderful past clients for testimonials to the knot, event wire and wedding wire –I thank you again for allowing me to help you and now for helping me to tell others. The memories I share with you mean almost as much to me as they do to you.

At Jodi Raphael Events, we are so excited about continuing to be a part of our client’s lives, collaborating with our dedicated colleagues and letting everyone know about it. The coming year is going to be filled with Connection, Inspiration and many Engagements of every kind!

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish for you a very happy, healthy holiday filled with good food, good cheer and many joyful memories.

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