Let’s Talk Tastings

Food TastingAfter months of planning, a wedding celebration most often culminates in a dinner to mark the momentous occasion. Whether your reception is traditional and elegant or whimsical and trendy, the meal that you serve your guests reflects your personal style, likes and dislikes and is another way in which you can make your guests feel special and appreciated for coming to your wedding. Whether you are serving a plated filet dinner or dinner stations with some savory choices, a tasting can help you, your fiancé and your parents (in many cases) decide what to and what not to serve. That said, a tasting is about so much more than the food….

We have many brides whose families are local and she and her fiancé live out of town and vice versa. Food Tasting The tasting is the perfect time for everyone to be in the same room, try the food and wine and go over the many, many details of the wedding. For example, while choosing the perfect wine to serve during the cocktail hour and dinner, why not discuss toasts; who is going to make them, when would be the right time for this? The conversations are fluid during a tasting- the family and the couple has the attention of the Banquet/Catering Manager of the venue as well as the Wedding Planner in our case. We talk about everything from the napkin fold to what elements are being rented to the flow of the day and evening. We look at linen samples, charger plates and stemware. Who is Aunt Jane going to sit with? When should the first dance happen- before the appetizer or after? Oftentimes the parents have one idea and the bride and groom have another. The tasting is a time to have conversations about what feels right for everyone. While the venue representative is moving through the courses of your first meal as a married couple, the Wedding Planner can help navigate any issues that arise amongst the family members- the goal being that everyone feels heard and that the bride and groom are excited and joyful about their big day!

Food Tasting

So, enjoy tasting the  delicious tuna tare- tare on a crisp wonton or a bite of seared filet on a toasted brioche. Take your time savoring the moist staler chicken breast or a gorgeous piece of cod perfectly cooked with a crust of pecan and herbs. While the tasting is so much fun, it can be so much more.  In this protected time and space, you, your family and your wedding planner can take the time you need to make those many small decisions that will make your wedding day so special.