Bianca Kostinden

Bianca’s sunny personality, sense of style, and “can do” attitude are woven through the fabric of JRE. She supports our team with contagious enthusiasm! – Jodi

To the casual observer, it might seem serendipitous that I would end up in the event planning industry, but to me, it’s a role I have been preparing for most of my life. At a very young age, I would pretend I was an Event Planner while playing dress-up with my friends; I then graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hospitality; and now I find myself at JRE as a team member. It feels like I’ve come full circle.

I bring a love of life and a passion for design to my work. It is my job to support our clients through the planning process and then stand back and watch them shine. I’m immensely grateful to be doing what I love.

As an Event Manager and Creative Assistant, Bianca helps to organize the many details involved throughout the planning process and is present day-of to set-up with Jodi. In addition, Bianca assists Jodi in curating all aspects of designing events, and manages JRE’s many social media platforms, making sure they accurately reflect their work and the JRE brand.

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