Celebrate the Moment

Wedding ceremonies and receptions come in all shapes and sizes, each an opportunity for celebration with friends and family. While intimate weddings have always been popular, never more so than during this COVID season. Restrictions on in-person gatherings has meant that brides and grooms throughout the country are opting for micro weddings or minimonies. These are events that are uniquely welcoming and celebratory, yet comply with new and evolving safety protocols. There’s never been a better time to hire a professional wedding planner to guide you the process.

Intimate Backyard Wedding

Micro wedding Ceremony

Every wedding requires planning and preparation of countless details: venue, catering, entertainment, décor, gifts and transportation, to name just a few. Brides and grooms want a meaningful ceremony, an event that is beautifully designed and an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.  The intimate nature and smaller guest count of micro weddings open up a world of possibilities for an imaginative, personalized and memorable celebration.

Winter Floral Bouquet

Personalized Detail

A clambake on the beach. A tent in your childhood back yard. Your favorite in-town restaurant. A small guest count means your wedding can take place at one of many unique venues complete with inspired room décor and catering options. A small wedding band might be best to accommodate the space and lighting can be added for a more intimate ambiance. Imagine the personalized experience you can create with individualized favors, custom menus and unique transportation.

Red Winter Place Setting

At JRE, we work with a curated list of professional vendors expert at weddings of all sizes, each one sensitive to the complexities that COVID brings, and dedicated to creating a memorable experience for our brides and grooms.

Whether you are reimagining your wedding because of COVID or have always wanted a more intimate experience, contact us today.  We’ll help you create the perfect micro wedding to honor and celebrate this very special moment in your life!

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