When should I hire an event planner?
We’re happy to connect with you as soon as you have a mitzvah date or when you become engaged so that we can help you find a venue and finalize a date. Or we can come in at any time; whenever you are ready is the answer to when! If you are looking for a month-of coordinator, we recommend you hire one as early as possible to secure the date and answer questions leading up to your celebration.
Do you limit the number of phone calls and meetings when planning an event?
Full-service planning includes unlimited meetings, calls, texts and emails; we are available as often as you need us. For partial planning and month-of, we set some parameters, but generally are available to guide you via email and phone throughout your planning journey.
Can you work with any size budget for wedding planning?
Yes! We can work with any budget. Part of our job throughout the planning process is to help you best utilize the budget you have available. We are committed to working within your financial boundaries, offer our suggestions and help you prioritize.
Do you schedule appointments for event planning after hours?
We can always accommodate the best time for you and your schedule!
Do you only plan events in Boston?
We are based in Waban (Newton), MA but can travel anywhere. Many of our events take place in New England, Cape Cod, Maine, Newport, and the Berkshires.
Why do I need an event planner?
According to research, weddings can take up to 250 hours to plan! Mitzvahs, too, take hours of time and focus. Planners rely on their experience, expertise and the relationships they have cultivated to save you from all the research, the needless guesswork and from the logistical issues that often arise. This includes recommending and prioritizing vendors who will match your vision with your budget, offering decor and design ideas, negotiating with your vendors, creating a timeline, and managing the countless details.

Think of JRE as an investment in the success of your event helping you make choices that are right for you and your event, your family and guests, and your budget. We make sure you can enjoy every moment of your celebration knowing the details will be executed flawlessly.

My venue offers an on-site coordinator for the day of the event. Do I still need an event planner?
The biggest difference between an on-site coordinator and a planner is that a planner works for you; on-site coordinators work for the venue overseeing the site staff and foodservice. Their job description does not include vendor selection, contract review, the ceremony rehearsal, creating a day-of vendor timeline, and making sure that the event runs according to plan. 
What are the fees for planning an event?
No two events are the same and so our rates vary according to your specific circumstance, and we do not charge a minimum price to manage any event. Our pricing depends on the type of event you are hosting, our level of involvement and your expectations. Our fee is customized based on your particular details, like event format, guest numbers, location, time frame, and budget. We are happy to have a complimentary consultation after which we provide pricing based on the complexity of planning.
How do you select vendors for your events? Do I have to use JRE recommended vendors?
We get to know you and your vision and then make recommendations based on who we know and who, in our opinion, would be able to bring that vision to life. We have history and partnerships with countless vendors, but we are always open to exploring those you may prefer. You are under no obligation to hire any vendor we suggest; we’re happy to connect with recommendations from your friends and family as well!
What's the difference between month-of and full-service wedding event planning?
Our full event services usually begin early in the process, when a couple becomes engaged or a mitzvah date has been given to a family. After an initial consultation, we coordinate and often attend appointments with potential vendors, design the room(s) where the ceremony and celebration will take place, help manage your budget, negotiate on your behalf with vendors, set an appropriate timeline, and execute your event from set up to break-down. From venue selection to design, photography, invitations, hotels, transportation, and everything in between, full-service planning includes it all!

What about day-of/month-of?
The truth is, “day-of” event planning is a bit of misnomer. Day-of coordinators needs all of the specifics of your event well in hand weeks before your big day. Meeting a month prior, they get to know you and your vision, confirm every detail, review your vendor contracts and create a workable timeline for everyone involved so that vendors arrive in a timely manner, are well prepared, and have a single source (not you!) for solving problems that might arise. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your celebration knowing someone else has you covered.