Kaitlin Nazzaro

Kaitlin’s unique work experience, sharp attention to detail, and ability to meet our clients where they are, are just a small part of what makes her such an important member of the JRE team. — Jodi


“To say that I have spent my entire life in the event business would not be an overstatement. Some of my favorite memories of time with my mother included a bride and groom on the day of their wedding. My weekends were about helping her with day-of wedding details, from overseeing transportation arrangements to holding the bride’s hand just before the first look.

When I see a bride walk down the aisle – beautifully dressed, perfectly appointed surroundings, and all that love in the room – it makes me cry. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in her shoes, and I remember what it felt like to know, right in that very special moment, I was experiencing the wedding I had dreamed of. It’s what I want for every bride and groom.”

Before joining the team at JRE, Kaitlin worked as an OR surgical technician, helping patients prepare for surgery, during procedures, and with post-op follow-up, and has acted as a medical scribe, taking comprehensive surgical notes for operating physicians. Her experience in procedural management, and her ability to see both the broader view and the smallest of details, along with her years in the event industry, are the perfect combination of skills to bring to her role as JRE’s Event Coordinator and Marketing Assistant.  

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