Maggie Andrews

Maggie brings to every JRE event her calm demeanor, attention to even the tiniest details, and an eagerness to make sure every client is happy. –Jodi


I started my career in events straight out of Kenyon College in Ohio, working in the nonprofit sector, in catering and venue sales, and executing hundreds of social and corporate events. But there’s something special about weddings; the personal connections made with a bride and groom and their families during a moment they may have been dreaming of all their lives. That’s what I enjoy about JRE, working alongside a team of professionals who have every detail under control and enjoy creating something special together.

Maggie was born and raised on Nantucket Island (yes, there are natives of Nantucket!). She spends weekends at the beach or hiking with her 3-year-old Australian Shepard or enjoying good food, whether dining out or creating delicious meals at home.

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