Sam Polivy


Samantha Polivy

Sam brings a breadth of marketing and event experience to our JRE team. She is efficient, precise and so much fun to have in our office! 


My love for the event industry came from being born into a big family where we were always celebrating someone or something. Whether it was a birthday or a wedding, I was the first to step in and help make it happen. Drawn to all the small details that make each event a unique, personalized experience, it’s not surprising that I would choose a career in event planning.  I am so lucky to have joined this extraordinary team full of inspirational women with whom I can learn and grow.

Samantha is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in hospitality management. She joins the JRE team with experience from multiple positions – having traveled the country with her husband in the military – in the event and marketing industries. Six years and two sweet boys later, she is so happy to be back in the Boston area.

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