As seasoned wedding event planners, we understand that selecting a wedding venue, regardless of size, goes beyond visual appeal. It involves a heartfelt evaluation of the space and a thoughtful review of the venue details to ensure your special day unfolds seamlessly, without hitches. 

During your visits, the on-site coordinators, who work specifically for the venue, unlike your wedding planner who works for you, should be able to answer your questions. To help you get started in this exciting wedding venue selection process, we’ve compiled some questions to ask when visiting wedding venues.

Dates, Pricing & Time 

Is my preferred date available, and if not, are there alternative dates or a waitlist?

Beginning your venue exploration with date availability is pivotal; knowing backup options or waitlist possibilities ensures that you won’t have any surprises or pass up on other venue booking opportunities while waiting to hear from your #1 choice. 

How far in advance can I secure my wedding date?

Reserving your date is the first step of many that need to fall into sequential order for wedding planning and coordination to work hand in hand. Most venues are willing to take a deposit for dates up to two years out, so this usually isn’t an issue. 

What are the pricing variations based on days, times, and seasons?

Make sure you understand the pricing structure concerning different days, times, and seasons to align with your budget. Some venues will have greater pricing fluctuation depending on the location’s seasonality and day of the week. 

How many hours are included in the rental, and what are the arrival and departure timings?

Having ample time for your wedding planner to access the room is paramount. Make sure you have those extra hours secured, whether they’re included in your package or an extra charge. 

Navigating the Financial Commitments of Your Venue

What is the deposit amount, and when is it due?

Clarifying payment timelines, including service charges, gratuity, cleaning fees, etc, helps avoid significant financial surprises. 

What is the cancellation policy, and can we make changes to our booking?

Though it rarely happens, being informed about cancellation policies and flexibility in making venue changes ensures peace of mind if something significant or unforeseen happens.

Do you provide a list of approved vendors, and are we obligated to use them?

Understanding vendor options and restrictions will help clarify choices as the date approaches. Some venues may require using services and equipment from their approved vendor. JRE also has wonderful relationships with many venues that will work with us to bring the best vendors and partners for our clients. 

Unraveling Event Specifics

What is the venue’s capacity?

Make sure that you and your partner understand the limitations of the space. The on-site coordinator will let you know the number of guests the venue can comfortably accommodate.

What is the backup plan for inclement weather, and are there any décor restrictions?

Perhaps the biggest concern/anxiety for all couples-to-be is weather uncertainties. Being prepared for unexpected weather and having a clear understanding of the venue’s inclement weather plan long before the wedding is very important. 

Questions to Ask When Visiting Wedding Venues – Ask Now to Avoid Surprises Later

As you embark on venue visits, remember that each question answered is a surprise avoided on your wedding day! There are no dumb questions, and with the help of an experienced, full-service wedding planner, you’ll always have an ally at your side! 

As Boston wedding planners, we’d be delighted to help you bring your dream wedding to life. 

Contact us today to learn more about Boston-area venues and our wedding planning services.

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