Creative Event Services – A Conversation with Principal CEO Raj Tulsiani

Creative Event Services provides their clients with the latest and most fun novelty entertainment that there is out there. Raj and his partner Shane have been trusted partners since my I began my business. Their staff is knowledgeable, helpful and so eager to work with our clients to provide them and their guests the best possible party.           — Jodi

Giant Light Brite

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How did you get started in the event industry?

I worked at my family’s café in NYC taking the 6:00 train each morning to open and the 9:30 evening train home to close every weekday. It instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in our family. (I am the youngest of five siblings who are all entrepreneurs, and all but me live and work in NYC.)

On weekends I worked for a company that provided Interactive Entertainment for mostly Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and it was my first exposure to this industry.  Once a month I would travel to an event in Massachusetts; I realized that this is where I wanted to be in terms of the pace and the quality of life.

Creative Event Services Virtual Reality

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Tell us about Creative Event Services.

In 2003, I founded Creative Event Services with my business partner Shane. Our aim was to provide exceptional service, flawless presentation, and personable staff. Our client’s appreciation grew, the word was spreading and Creative Event Services presence in the industry was being established.

As our clientele started to grow, so did our company. We began to expand our services to neighboring states. Over the years, the humble beginnings and by the grace of the almighty, we flourished from a storage facility and a small office that Shane and I shared, into a successful warehouse hub with over 200 products and services, and we still continue to grow.

Our motto, ‘Make Your Next Event a Creative One’ sums up the core fundamentals of our business. We have been catering to various clients ranging from bar/bat mitzvahs, private events, weddings, corporate, colleges, and brand activations with exceptional service in providing unique and creative entertainment solutions.  Our products include a full line of amazing photo booths, interactive games, game hows, virtual reality, event furniture and LED lighting.

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What is your favorite part of being in the event industry?

Advising my clients with entertainment solutions is my favorite part of being in the event industry.  Living their dream event with them is the most gratifying experience for me.

This has allowed me to establish a long-lasting relationship with my clients, long after the event. And, I am very grateful for that. If people can remember me for helping them throw the best party, I’ve achieved my goal!

Air Hockey Game

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