A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a day when love and commitment are celebrated with those we hold dear. As premier Massachusetts wedding planners, we understand that each detail plays a significant role in crafting an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime. As you plan out these details, one of the most important decisions you will make is the choice of menu and the way in which it is presented to your guests. 

While the traditional three-course, pre-fix, plated menu is a great choice, there are many unique dining options available, one for every palate and pocketbook.  Let’s explore some creative alternatives for wedding catering, each one designed to leave a lasting impression and delight your guests.

Wedding Catering Ideas

Wedding Catering Ideas: Sushi Stations and Raw Bars

Sushi stations are an exquisite choice for couples seeking to add an elegant, Japanese-inspired touch to their dining options. Often found at a luxury wedding, sushi stations offer a feast for the taste buds and a visual delight. With its artful presentation and handcrafted execution, most guests gravitate to the delicate morsels of fresh sashimi, hand-rolled sushi, and delectable tempura. 

A raw bar with oysters, clams, shrimp, and lobster is an indulgent treasure, a very New England dining choice, and perfect for a romantic wedding. Often presented with ice sculptures and paired with fine wines or champagne, a raw bar transforms the reception into a luxurious, unforgettable dining experience. 

Wedding Catering Ideas: Enjoying Some Late-Night Casual Cuisine

While some couples prefer lavish dining, others opt for a more relaxed, approachable menu, and still others choose to have both! Is pizza or MacDonald’s fries a favorite snack for the bride or groom? Infuse a little more excitement into the evening with something casual and fun delivered for the post-reception late-night snack bar! Nothing pleases a crowd more than a late-night Neapolitan pizza bar for guests to indulge in after a long night of cocktails and dancing!

Preferred Ethnic Vendors: Honoring Heritage

Cultural heritage is an integral part of many couples’ lives, and they often share that with guests by their choice of wedding cuisine. Partnering with preferred ethnic vendors allows couples to pay homage to their roots and infuse their wedding with the flavors and traditions they hold dear.

Whether it’s an Indian feast, a Mexican fiesta, or a Mediterranean extravaganza, there are many excellent ethnic food vendors who will add depth and resonance to the celebration. Local wedding event planners can help couples discover vendors who honor their heritage in an authentic way while crafting a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Wedding Catering Ideas

Sometimes, the best culinary experience combines a little of everything: the artistry of contemporary catering with the charm of personal family favorites. We encourage our couples to supplement their catering options with food purveyors they love, perhaps a bread baker or a local ice cream vendor.

Finding the Right Match

As premier Boston wedding planners, we guide couples toward extraordinary dining choices that align with their vision and style. Whether it’s sushi stations, raw bars, local pizza places, or ethnic cuisine, we’ll help you cull together the best vendors to suit your taste and traditions and delight your guests. 

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