Finding Cause to Celebrate

Celebrate with Champagne

Spreading Joy Where We Can Friends and family have been coming together for celebrations small and large since the cavemen had their first bonfire.  While their plans may not have included signature drinks and s’mores, it’s likely they came together for the same reasons we do now, to honor and celebrate a joyful event.  During […]

Thinking About Changing Your Event Date?

Jodi Hugging Bride

10 Tips To Help You Through The Process of Changing Your Event Date Thinking about changing your event date? Event planners, whether located in Boston, New York or any city throughout the country, are in the business of carefully laying out the details of an event in an organized, logically scheduled manner. The very first […]

Welcome Nicolette Ortiz to the JRE Family

Welcome Nicolette Ortiz

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome Nicolette Ortiz to the JRE family! I have worked with Nicolette for many years in her role as a Catering Service Manager at The InterContinental Hotel in Boston. From our very first event together, I knew she was extraordinary; creative and insightful with a well-deserved […]

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