Customized Wedding Favors – A Personalized Touch

customized wedding favors

Wedding favors, while not essential for a wonderful event, are always a nice touch, providing a memento as guests say their final goodbyes. In recent years, the trend has shifted toward customized wedding favors. Customized wedding favors are a tangible reminder of the day and a thoughtful acknowledgment that the couple appreciates those who have […]

Wedding Branding; What Does It Entail?

Wedding Branding

You may have heard the term “wedding branding” in recent years and wondered what it means exactly, and, if you’re planning a wedding, what it entails. While certainly not for every couple, wedding branding is all about creating a unique and personal design for your wedding that carries throughout several event details. This includes invitations […]

Boston Wedding Photographers – Some of Our Favorites!

Boston Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography; it’s one of the most important services you will hire for your big day. After all is said and done – the planning, preparation, anticipation, and unfolding of the day’s events – it’s the photographers who capture the memories you’ll have for years to come.  When planning for your special day, knowing what […]

How Long Does it Take to Plan a Wedding? Some Professional Insights

How long does it take to plan a wedding?

Getting married certainly is a pivotal moment in one’s life, and weddings are all about celebrating this important rite of passage. So much planning goes into making the day seamless, creating an enjoyable event for all, and bringing to fruition exactly what the couple had hoped for. But how long does it take to plan […]

Black-and-White Weddings; A Chic Scheme for All to Enjoy

black-and-white wedding

A black-and-white wedding is a theme that has retained its charm, spirit, and impact for decades. It’s a classic color scheme, old world and modern simultaneously, and perfect for couples wanting an elegant and timeless wedding. The black and white wedding trend has evolved over the years and now encompasses more than just color; sometimes, […]

2023 Wedding Trends – What We’re Most Excited For!

2023 wedding trends

With 2023 in full swing, we’re seeing plenty of wedding events begin to take shape around the Boston area. This year, it’s all about glamor and elegance and the balance between the two, along with new menu choices, updated color schemes, a shift in bridal parties, and what we’re seeing in bridal veils. From the […]

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