3 Boston Wedding Trends We Predict for 2021!

weddings trends

Now that we’re officially heading into the 2021 wedding season, it’s a great opportunity to share some of the top wedding trends we see for spring and summer of this year!  It is still a time of constant change as we adapt to state and local safety protocols. As of writing this article, the state […]

Boston Weddings: How to Showcase Our Unique City

Boston weddings

Boston is a destination city for tourists around the globe. It has a rich history woven through every street corner and distinctive neighborhood, and it has a long-standing association with education, innovation, and historic sporting events! If you are visiting Boston for the first time, you will find any number of ways to experience Boston’s […]

What to Do After Getting Engaged, According to Professional Wedding Planners

what to do after getting engaged

Your big moment has arrived!  You are officially engaged! It’s incredibly exhilarating as you share the news with friends and family, and you imagine your future together.  It is certainly a joyful time, and soon, your thoughts will turn to planning your wedding. What time of year? Where will it be held? Large or intimate? […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

hire a wedding planner

Becoming engaged is an exciting time for you and for your family as you make “official” your love and commitment, and look forward to building a life together. Once the celebratory toasts have been made along with calls to family and friends, it is time to think about planning your big day.  Wedding planning is […]

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