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Wedding Stories – Behind the Scenes with a Boston Wedding Planner

wedding stories

As trusted wedding planners in the bustling city of Boston, we’ve encountered our fair share of obstacles/challenges over the years. From unexpected weather woes to last-minute logistical hiccups, each challenge has presented an opportunity to showcase a calm, cool, and command of situations, ensuring near-seamless celebrations for our clients.  Things happen, and you must be […]

Elegant Weddings in Boston – Creating Beauty In All Spaces

elegant weddings

Almost daily, elegant weddings unfold in the heart of Boston’s stunning historic and modern architecture. At Jodi Raphael Events, we believe that elegance is intrinsic in the venue and the atmosphere curated by the people involved.  What’s our mission? We aim to turn any wedding venue our clients choose into an enchanted space of elegance, […]

Are November Weddings The Next Big Thing?

november weddings

November weddings, while traditionally overshadowed by more popular months like May, June, September and October, are now gaining favor among couples seeking a celebration of a different ilk. Spring, summer, and early fall weddings have certainly not lost their allure and are still highly in demand, yet, November has become an ideal month for those […]

DIY Weddings – What’s Realistic and What’s Not?

Refinishing grandma’s dresser, stenciling your wood floors, knitting a hat for winter, there is no doubt that “DIY” holds a certain appeal. But DIY weddings?  The idea often percolates because couples want a celebration marked by their own personal touches and without the expense of paid assistance. Armed with a checklist and a constellation of […]

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