November weddings, while traditionally overshadowed by more popular months like May, June, September and October, are now gaining favor among couples seeking a celebration of a different ilk. Spring, summer, and early fall weddings have certainly not lost their allure and are still highly in demand, yet, November has become an ideal month for those who want an alternatively charming wedding vibe. 

In this piece, we’ll explore the characteristics and elements that make November an ideal month for some to choose when tying the knot. 

November Weddings – What’s it All About?

A month steeped in tradition, November carries historical and cultural significance, especially for New Englanders! As the last remnants of autumn are stored for winter, the transition marks a time of family and feasts. And it just so happens that this symbolism aligns with the sentiment of starting a new life chapter through marriage. Additionally, according to wedding superstitions, a November wedding is considered a harbinger of good fortune for the marriage ahead, so that’s a plus, too!

Ideas and Inspiration

The culinary opportunities for November weddings are a delightful canvas of autumnal richness. Hearty, harvest-inspired menus evoke thoughts of fall’s colorful bounty, including squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, and pomegranates–and that’s just the hors d’oeuvres! Just as seaside dishes are perfect for summer weddings, November calls for cozy dishes that warm the heart and soul.

Regarding florals, November offers an array of options that are as beautiful as they are fleeting. Flowers like chrysanthemums, marigolds, asters, and jasmine are in full bloom. Take a moment to picture arrangements with earthy elements such as feathers, twigs, or dried floral buttons for a unique touch–pure bliss. 

Crisp, Refreshing Weather

November ushers in cooler temperatures and the possibility of the first snowfall. With daytime temperatures averaging in the low 50s for Boston and nighttime temperatures potentially falling into the 20s, it’s an opportunity to combine brisk afternoon outdoor gatherings with cozy indoor arrangements for others. For those who enjoy the cool, refreshing air of fall, a November wedding all but guarantees a crisp day. That said, there’s always the chance your November wedding day temps will rise into the 60s. We speak from experience!

The Festive Nature of November Weddings

November heralds the commencement of the holiday season, adding an extra layer of festive excitement. But, unlike December, when the major end-of-year holidays occur, kids have school vacations, and corporate holiday parties begin, November is less likely to have guests running into scheduling conflicts. 

Potential Expense Savings

While November may not be the busiest month for weddings, it presents a welcome set of opportunities. Couples can take advantage of the lower demand for venues, which may translate to more budget-friendly options. This goes for vendors, as well. However, it’s also best to be prepared for additional costs to address unpredictable weather changes if a couple opts to have an outdoor wedding.

November Weddings Aren’t For All

As experienced Massachusetts wedding planners, we encourage you to weigh all factors before picking November as the month to hold your wedding. November weddings may be the next big thing, but choose the month based on your tastes and desires, not someone else’s. 

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