The author Virginia Woolf said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” So many memorable meals are had in restaurants, making them a natural choice to celebrate love and union. Restaurants offer a certain vibe, beautiful decor, and an intimate setting, so wedding planners should consider these venues in their quest to make clients’ special day(s) memorable. In fact, the “restaurant wedding” is quickly gaining momentum as a new wedding trend. While hosting all or part of a wedding at a restaurant venue is not an entirely new idea, it’s one that more couples are gravitating to. 

In this article, we will explore what a restaurant wedding is and the different ways to bring your dream restaurant-hosted wedding to life, all while showcasing some of Boston’s finest destination wedding restaurants.

restaurant wedding

What is a Restaurant Wedding?

A restaurant wedding can be the beautiful fusion of a ceremony and reception held entirely within the confines of a carefully curated restaurant property or event space. Or, when the wedding ceremony takes place off-site, it can serve as the location for just the reception.

When a restaurant wedding takes place from start to finish in a single location, typically, the restaurant is booked for a private event, and the entire facility is closed off to public access. The alternative is the more traditional approach of having a wedding ceremony at a religious institution, a park, or a beachfront space and then moving to a restaurant for the reception and all post-ceremony festivities.

Why People Love Restaurant Weddings

People fall in love with food and breath-taking spaces; restaurants can offer both. They can be deeply personal places; imagine if the couple first met at a restaurant and became engaged there or the restaurant serves cuisine near and dear to their family. Restaurants can hold emotional significance in many ways, so they’re great places to host a wedding celebration. 

Restaurants renowned for their delectable dishes and creative cuisine can provide a custom-tailored menu that reflects the couple’s tastes and preferences. Not only does this add an extra layer of personality and intimacy, but it also helps avoid what can be underwhelming templatized food options at function halls — the dining experience at a restaurant wedding is usually nothing short of exceptional. 

As experienced Boston wedding planners, we have contacts at several restaurant venues, giving us the flexibility to match the couples’ and families’ tastes and desires. Depending on the vision and budget, we can choose from various options.

A Destination Dining Experience

Boston provides plenty of choices for holding the entire wedding at a destination property or the reception only. For example, restaurants like Moo and Alcove offer reception-only packages that can be customized to clients’ preferences.

Moo at XV Beacon is a luxurious choice for a restaurant wedding. Located in a boutique hotel, it exudes sophistication and provides a charming backdrop for your special day. The warm ambiance and world-class cuisine make it an ideal destination wedding location. It’s hard to find a better place for world-class steaks and wine pairings.

Alcove offers breathtaking views of the Charlestown Navy Yard and the Zakim Bridge. Its waterfront location and stunning design create a captivating atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions, not to mention its fabulous seafood options, which are known throughout the region.

For an all-encompassing experience with wedding ceremonies and receptions under the same roof, It’s hard to beat the Boston Harbor or Liberty Hotel for top-tier dining options and gorgeous event spaces. 

Regardless of whether couples opt for a full restaurant wedding or a reception hosted at a restaurant, the experience will surely be filled with love, fun, and culinary delights. To learn more about our wedding planning services and recommended destinations for restaurant weddings, please contact us today!

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