Planning a wedding is inherently a stressful process with a million moving parts, which is why many couples turn to a full-service wedding planner to handle the details of their special day. After all, who has time to coordinate linens, source vegan finger foods, research vendors, and handle unexpected snags as they come along? 

That’s where full-service wedding planners come in! If you’re unsure what a Boston wedding planner could do for you, we’ve created this guide to help you understand the responsibilities and work a full-service wedding planner does to ensure the big day is an uncompromised success!

Full-Service Wedding Planners – Booking Venues

Deciding on a venue is one of the first decisions you’ll make; it impacts the date, the number of guests, the ambiance you want to create, and how you accommodate those who will attend. You and your full-service wedding planner will have much to discuss as they source various venues for your wedding:

●  Location: Do you want to travel for your wedding, or are you looking for something close to home? Do you plan to stay in Boston or head to the Berkshires for a wooded getaway? Your location choice informs so many of the subsequent decisions you’ll make.

●  Personal tastes: Each venue has its own unique personality. Your wedding planner’s job is to uncover what is most important to you and find the environment that perfectly matches your preferences.

●  Guest experience: We help our clients think about the logistics for their guests and the impact it has on their overall experience. Will you ask your guests to travel, or do you want to be near home so attendance is simpler? Do you need to cull through a very large list to keep the wedding an approachable size? These considerations are best sorted out early in the process.

Managing Catering

Like any festive celebration, food plays an outsized role at a wedding. Experienced full-service wedding planners know the right options to present to you, how to handle tastings with the caterer, make special plans for food allergies or intolerances, and work out any potential issues. We source the very best caterers and develop creative, unique, and memorable menus. Whether you choose elegant white-glove service or something more casual and enchanting, managing the catering process requires a lot of coordination and oversight. As full-service wedding planners, our job is to help guide you through the process and make sure it all goes just as planned.

Designs, Styles, and Themes

Knowledgeable and experienced wedding planners have connections everywhere – whether in town or throughout the country, and we leverage those connections as we orchestrate the many details a wedding requires. No matter what design or theme you’re looking for, we’ll make it happen. We help you decide on invitations, flowers, lighting, room design, tabletop, and the right entertainment to suit your style. So you want the dance floor rocking or something more subdued? There are countless decisions to be made to create the aesthetic you hope to achieve – we’re here to help you with every single one. 

Navigating Family

Your wedding day should be one of the best days, if not the very best day of your life – and you likely have a vision for what that will look like and how the day will unfold. But you may not be the only one with a specific vision; often, there are family members who have dreamed of this day from the time you were born. What do you do when your vision and theirs don’t align? How do you navigate the roles of each set of parents or step-parents? How do you manage siblings without hurt feelings? These are questions that can come up more than you might imagine, event within the closest of families.

There are a lot of family expectations around a wedding, and with that, there can be heightened emotional stress. A great wedding planner will help you navigate these details, mediate the differences, and make sure all parties feel heard and respected.

Wedding Day Logistics

Wedding planning is all about the details, and a full-service wedding planner won’t leave any stone unturned. We’ll plan out the schedule, scope out locations for the best photo opportunities, and ensure that guests can hear the toasts from every corner of the room! We take care of everything from table design to lighting installation to guest seating to transportation; all the details on the day of. We make sure you are free to enjoy every moment of your special day without a single concern. 

As your full-service Massachusetts wedding planners, it’s our purpose to help you create the wedding of your dreams; from napkins to “I dos,” we’re there every step of the way.

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