As local Boston wedding planners, we’ve sampled our fair share of desserts, particularly wedding cakes! As simple as it may sound, picking out the best-suited wedding cake can be a challenging decision. Your wedding cake should embody your personalities and the type of celebration you are planning – not to mention taste spectacular! Whether this means a giant cake with personal touches or humble, individually decorated cupcakes, there’s a dessert for every couple and every discerning sweet tooth.

An experienced Massachusetts wedding planner will have a knowledgeable insight into Boston’s best bakeries, as each pastry professional has unique styles, flavors, designs, and even cultural motifs. Whatever you have in mind, they’ll be sure to recommend the perfect cake for both you and your partner. We’d like to share some of our favorite local bakeries to help you get inspired, excited, and quite possibly hungry. 

Icing on the Cake

With over 35 years of experience and nestled in the heart of Newton, MA, Icing on the Cake is a custom bakery that specializes in baked goods of all kinds. For people interested in smaller wedding desserts, Icing on the Cake includes choices of traditional wedding cakes, cupcakes, and trendy cake pops. 

Icing on the Cake offers delivery services for all their products. It is the perfect choice for couples interested in contemporary, personalized, and humble wedding desserts. 

Oakleaf Cakes Bakeshop

Oakleaf Cakes Bakeshop is the true definition of new-school refinement and creativity. Specializing in designer and gourmet cakes, they are truly pieces of art to behold. Also, they offer a wide variety of vegan cake options, which is great for vegan couples looking to tie the knot but not forgo the wedding cake tradition. Oakleaf is a trendy gem and perfect for couples looking for alternative cake options.  

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Party Favors

A local connection to Boston since 1965 and a longtime go-to for us, Party Favors creates several pastries for every kind of couple. They offer creatively customized cakes and a fantastic selection of smaller dessert options; with their award-winning pastries and cakes, Party Favors is great for couples who want a local and fun Boston personality infused into their wedding treats. 

Konditer Meister

Konditer Meister is a time-tested local institution. Founder Günther Mösinger set up his Braintree, Massachusetts shop in 1985, intending to specialize in wedding cakes. It was his dream since early childhood, and the cakes taste of passion, creativity, and care. 

Since opening its doors 40 years ago, Konditer Meister has been recognized by the Today Show, designated as Best of Boston, and deemed Best of the Knot in New England. Konditer Meister has 75 employees and is renowned throughout the region for its traditional approach, long history, and unique baking experience. Konditer Meister is a great choice.

Wedding Cakes in Boston – Trust Us

We’re happy to share some of the region’s very best wedding cake vendors with you. They are some of the very best in Boston and New England. You can rest easy knowing that your Boston wedding cake from these trusted vendors will be something you, your guests, and your tastebuds never forget! 

Please contact us with any questions regarding wedding cakes, wedding planning, or anything else wedding-related.

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