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Many Jewish wedding traditions must be considered, whether planning a traditional ceremony or incorporating modern twists. Here, we discuss the rich tapestry of Jewish wedding customs, from the Chuppah, to the Ketubah signing, to the joyous celebration of the Hora.

Jewish Wedding Traditions | Time-Honored Customs

Before the festivities, couples participate in the Ketubah signing, a poignant moment steeped in history and tradition. This marriage contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of both partners and symbolizes their commitment to each other. Witnessed by two individuals, the Ketubah signing sets the stage for the sacred union.

The Tisch, typically done in a more traditional or conservative ceremony, is a pre-wedding gathering hosted by the groom and sets the tone for the day’s festivities. Surrounded by friends, family, and the rabbi, the groom enjoys lively conversation and shared insights before embarking on his journey to the Chuppah. While some grooms opt to forego the Tisch in favor of greeting arriving guests, this cherished tradition offers a moment of reflection that some grooms choose to embrace.

Derived from the Hebrew word “bedeken,” meaning “to veil,” this ancient tradition symbolizes the groom’s love and commitment to his bride. As the groom veils his beloved, he affirms his recognition and acceptance of her essence, ensuring their union is founded on authenticity and mutual respect.

Envisioning the Ceremony

Central to the Jewish ceremony or a mixed-faith wedding ceremony (only one partner is Jewish) is the Chuppah, a canopy where the couple exchanges vows. Symbolizing the home they will build together, the Chuppah serves as a sacred space for the declaration of love and commitment. Chuppahs are typically decorated with flowers, greenery, or meaningful fabrics, and they reflect the personalities and aspirations of the couple.

As the bride circles the groom beneath the Chuppah, she symbolically creates a protective barrier around their union, signifying the creation of a new family unit. This ancient custom celebrates the couple’s journey toward unity and partnership, marking the beginning of their shared life together.

Known as Sheva Brachot, the Seven Blessings are recited by family and friends to celebrate the joyous union of the newlyweds. With each blessing, the couple is reminded of the love and support surrounding them, enriching their journey with hope, happiness, and prosperity.

At the end of the ceremony, the groom shatters a glass beneath his foot, symbolizing the fragility of life and the importance of remembrance. As guests cheer “Mazel Tov!” the couple embarks on a new chapter of their lives, united in love and commitment.

Celebrating Unity and Joy

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds retreat to a private space to share a moment of intimacy and reflection. This secluded time, known as Yichud, allows the couple to savor the day’s excitement before joining their loved ones for the celebration that awaits.

At the reception, guests join in the joyous celebration of the Hora, a traditional Jewish folk dance. Forming a circle around the bride and groom, guests lift them into the air, symbolizing the elevation of their spirits and the boundless joy of marriage. Even those unfamiliar with Jewish wedding customs will recognize the Hora; it’s such a fun moment!

Jewish Wedding Traditions | Capturing Your Perfect Day

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From the Ketubah signing to the Hora, we’re committed to capturing the essence of your love story with elegance and grace. 

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