What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of autumn? Is it hot apple cider? Bright orange pumpkins? Falling maple leaves? These are great details to remember when planning a fall wedding, but they’re not the whole story!

There’s a reason fall is one of the most popular seasons to get married, particularly if you’re considering an outdoor wedding. Here are some amazing outdoor fall wedding ideas to keep you and your guests cozy, warm, and entertained.  

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas – Dark Wedding Attire

Match the beautiful fall colors by dressing your wedding party in shades of maroon, deep orange, or rich browns. You might also choose a nature-inspired color scheme with shades of greens and other earth tones. Some couples use slightly brighter jewel tones like sapphire, ruby, or emerald green. Whatever you prefer, fall weddings offer alternative color options to the traditional pastel tones commonly seen in spring and summer weddings.

Fall-Themed Decor

What better way to incorporate the season than by focusing your decor around fall-related themes? Get creative with your fall decor by incorporating some of your favorite elements of autumn with your wedding. You might include maple leaves, wheat stocks, grasses, and more! Dahlias and amaranthus are popular flowers at this time of year, adding the richness of fall color to your ceremony and your tables. 

Stunning Wedding Venues

Boston and Greater New England are famous for fall weddings.  It is the perfect season to enjoy the combination of good weather and stunning foliage.

An outdoor fall wedding means you’ll have e selection of beautiful fall wedding venues. However, some standout options include farms, wineries, and vineyards. You may hold your wedding in your forested backyard, which will be just as memorable. 

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas – Creating a Cozy Atmosphere

A wedding planned later into the fall can come with chilly evening temps. You can add cozy touches to your wedding, like blanket baskets and regularly available warm drinks (we recommend hot toddies). Nothing says “homey fall wedding” like candles, cider donuts, bonfires, and rich hues of color!

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