Wedding trends and traditions have changed significantly over the generations: from five-person family events to elegant parties that require months of detailed planning. It’s likely that your grandparents’ wedding looked nothing like what you envision for your own dream day.

Whether you are thinking about a wedding that is more intimate or one that is large in scale, it’s the breadth and scope of the planning process that always presents challenges for young couples. Regardless of size, today’s weddings require careful orchestration of even the smallest of details. 

Where the bride and groom will sit at their wedding reception is one of those details, often overlooked until the last minute. Does a head table make sense for you, or is a sweetheart table what you are looking for?

What Are Sweetheart Tables?

If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception where the bride and groom sit separately at their own smaller table, that’s a sweetheart table. 

This intimate seating arrangement allows the bride and groom to chat and dine together during the reception. Traditionally, newlyweds sit beside each other, facing the crowd with sweetheart tables, but not all seating arrangements follow this tradition.

The History of Sweetheart Tables

Sweetheart tables were in fashion during the 1980s when weddings were primarily held in churches, and the newlyweds were treated like royalty. Today, however, some couples find sweetheart tables isolating and inconsiderate towards guests. 

Is A Sweetheart Table Right for You?

How do you decide whether to sit with your guests or create a romantic space of your own? We recommend keeping two things in mind when deciding whether or not to include a sweetheart table at your reception:

Level of Intimacy

Weddings are a celebration of the happy couple, and it’s natural for newlyweds to want to sit close and talk in relative privacy right after a ceremony. Suppose you and your partner are confident that you’ll comfortably be able to meet and speak with everyone at your wedding but would value a little privacy for yourselves during the quieter moments. In that case, a sweetheart table may be the right choice for you. 

Feelings of Inclusion

Alternatively, if you are planning on an intimate reception with only a few guests with whom you’d like to spend time, a sweetheart table will draw you away. Your reception’s size plays a role in seating arrangements, and depending on how you’d like to socialize with your guests (and how your guests plan to socialize with you), a sweetheart table might not be the best solution for you. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, discussing this with your partner is always essential! 

If you’re looking for a premier Massachusetts wedding planner to provide clarity and guidance to orchestrate every detail, we hope you’ll reach out. We’d love to help your special day come to fruition. 

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