Planning a dream wedding is a journey that requires meticulous attention to detail and careful decision-making to be memorable and successful. Our job is to guide couples through the dance of choices and decisions that pave the way for the big celebration day. Couples will have a range of timelines, but on average, we work with them on an 8-13-month timeline, with the ideal sweet spot being about a year out. 

The Timeline for Wedding Planning – What to Strive For

Most couples fall into two categories: those who are open to various venue options and those steadfastly devoted to a specific location. For the latter, this often means fewer available dates, emphasizing the need for flexibility. If the venue is the top priority over the time of year to hold the wedding, be prepared to make some adjustments and sacrifices to book the property. That said, if you love the venue that much, it’s worth it.

For those keen on having a wedding during a particular month or season, exploring multiple venues is a wonderful exercise to gain perspective. We strongly recommend/advocate for viewing a venue during the same month as the intended wedding date for an honest representation of how the event could unfold. Planning a September wedding? It’s best to visit the venue the previous September to get a visceral sense of the lighting, smells, sights, and sounds. After all, they will differ at any other time of year. 

Selecting the Vendors

Once the venue is secured, the culinary journey begins—and this is an integral part of creating a wedding experience that resonates with your tastes and style. Selecting a caterer extends beyond choosing a menu; it’s about entrusting the soul of your celebration to professionals who understand the nuances of flavor, presentation, and service. Trust is key, whether it’s the venue’s in-house caterer, a recommended favorite, or a unique food truck.

The wedding feast is the crescendo of your celebration, and creativity knows no bounds. Consider infusing your menu with personal touches—perhaps a favorite creative cocktail or incorporating Grandma’s famous macadamia nut cookies! Let the menu reflect the flavors that define your journey as a couple. Your wedding is the grandest dinner party of your life, so think beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. 

Once dining selections are made, it’s time to select the other vendors, including entertainment, photography/videography, music, accessories, decor, and so on, but don’t jump the gun. All of that should be chosen after the venue and the catering options have been determined. 

It All Leads to One Beautiful Moment

As premier Boston wedding planners, we are composers, project managers, and therapists, and assume many other supporting roles all in one! Okay, not to be too hyperbolic, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of services and details to consider when curating a wedding, so it’s our job to make sure they all align perfectly on your big day. 

We’ve worked successfully under various timelines, but it bears repeating that the most stress-free couples give themselves at least a year to collaborate with us to ensure everything falls into place as it should.

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