A Conversation with Justice of the Peace Elizabeth B. Gemelli

Elizabeth B. Gemelli has a long history marrying so many couples in so many different circumstances. She is passionate about curating a unique wedding ceremony for each and every couple. We love working with JP Liz; she is one of a kind!

         — Jodi


Elizabeth B. Gemelli

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Tell us about Elizabeth B. Gemelli, Boston Wedding Group and your role as Justice of the Peace.

As a Justice of the Peace, I perform wedding ceremonies throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  I work with couples to create a personal and meaningful ceremony to them both, helping them plan the ceremony from Processional to Recessional. I share all the wonderful ideas I have found throughout the past 19 years of performing wedding ceremonies and years as a wedding planner. I arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony to check the setup and microphones and confirm timing with the musicians.  After the ceremony, I make sure I capture a photo with the newlyweds before I head out.

Officiating Vows
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How did you get started in the profession?

35 years ago I worked at Anthony’s Pier 4 as a Function Manager.  I met so many couples the day of their wedding celebrations that were so tired from all the planning and I knew they needed help.  I started my own wedding planning business and enjoyed it for many years.  One day, friends asked me to perform their wedding ceremony with the One Day Designation in MA.  I loved doing it and being in the triangle of love.  I applied for the full JP license in Massachusetts and have been performing ceremonies ever since…for 19 years.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

My favorite part of being in the industry is that I meet such exceptional and talented people. We all work very hard and it is a happy industry to be in. Every event is different and fun!

Kiss at End of Ceremony

Photo Courtesy of Person + Killian
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