Four Seasons Boston

A Conversation with Assistant Director of Catering, Philip Deschamps

With so many years of experience working from the ground up in hospitality, Philip’s attention to detail is impeccable. The Four Seasons Boston is magnificent with just the right balance of classic and contemporary elegance, food that is d/ine, and a welcoming staff who have become dear friends over time. All of us at JRE including our clients always feel so at home there.            — Jodi

Tell us how about Four Seasons Hotel’s history.

They say it in real estate….location, location, location.  How lucky am I to walk into this view every day?  The Public Garden is Boston’s Central Park.

I grew up in Boston, went to Emerson College in the Back Bay, and remember when Four Seasons was built in, what was at the time, a dicey neighborhood. It’s hard to imagine now. Since we opened in 1985, our consistent ownership that has continually invested resources in manicuring and updating our very unique hotel. Now the neighborhood is one of the most sought-after in Boston.

Four Seasons Stairwell
Photo Courtesy of Servidone Studios Photography

What makes Four Seasons unique?

We are the comfort luxury option for celebrating special occasion, and always have been. The Four Seasons Hotel harkens back to the days of iconic establishments in the city like Lockober, Cafe Budapest, Maison Robert, and L’Espalier.  Like them, we are a place for “special occasions,” where families all over New England ring in life’s milestones.  So many brides I meet tell me their parents have a photo of them as a toddler on the staircase for when they came for this birthday or that afternoon tea.

We create these special moments because of our extraordinary team. I am thankful to work for an organization that is so dedicated to this most valuable asset.

Four Seasons Exterior
Photo Courtesy of Person + Killian Photography

How did you get started in the industry?

When I was in college, I worked as a server in Aujourd hui, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant.  I always loved the energy and teamwork. Once I graduated and was looking to enter the industry, I could see that the Four Seasons was “the” best place to work for a career in hospitality.

Back then the sales/catering people hosted tastings in the dining room.  I was fascinated with the theatrics of their French Service which was offered our guests (very Downton Abbey!) I became an event server, and eventually manager.  Then, in 2001, I went to work for our biggest hotel competitor as a Catering Sales Manager. While it was a great learning experience, I was in overdrive to “someday” get back to Four Seasons, where I’ve been since 2004.


Ballroom Dinner + DancingPhoto Courtesy of Kenneth Berman Photography

What is your favorite part of being in the event industry?

This is a hard question!  I have to give three answers:

1 – I love meeting new clients/families and having that INSTANT connection.  Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are really special, emotional occasions for families.  I am so honored when someone decides to entrust their special day – whatever it is – to me, and Four Seasons.

2- Event day.  Nothing like it.  Going back to my Emerson days, it’s like opening night at the theater.  We’ve written the script, worked with stage designers, it really never gets old.

3 – Teamwork. I’ve made some of the best friends in my life working with vendors, coworkers and clients.  My dad taught me one of life’s most valuable lessons, you spend more time at work than with your family.  You must love what you do – and I do.

This photo is from the last wedding that took place at the hotel on 3/7/20.  My smile is real.  I really DO love what I do!

Philip with Wedding Couple and Parents

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