Music Management – A Conversation with Stuart Camiel

Whether we are planning a small dinner party in someone’s home or a full-blown production with bands, DJ’s and ballet dancers, the professional team at Music Management understands the needs of our clients. The musicians they represent are all talented, professional and collaborative.  They provide us a sense of comfort knowing that the music will not disappoint.            — Jodi

Music Management Band Performing

Tell us about Music Management.

Representing over 100 artists spanning every genre, Music Management pairs entertainment with events. We have decades of experience providing and executing creative programs appropriate for any situation. Our comprehensive booking process runs the gamut from selecting the appropriate artist to handling the logistics to managing the talent onsite.

How did you get started in the industry?

Music Management was founded by Judi Neu in 1980.  Prior to that, she served on the Board of the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA.  She was encouraged to secure professional musicians for local events. Among her first clients were the Museum of Fine Arts and the Four Seasons Hotel. The current leadership team includes Judi, along with her two Business Partners, Stuart Camiel and Vanessa Holroyd.  Vanessa is also an actively performing classical freelance musician.

Band Performance

What is your favorite part of being in the event industry?

We love being an entertainment resource for event planners, venues and clients as well as supporting professional artists. Boston has an incredibly rich performing arts community.  The opportunity to develop and showcase local talent is a privilege.

What makes Music Management unique?

Our customers are eager to source talent that is appropriate for their events.  The talent industry is constantly evolving. We understand both sides of that coin.  We are always researching and developing talent to meet new requests.

Convenience. Creativity. Peace of Mind. This is what we provide our clients every day.


Music Management Band

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