Sunrise at Royal Sonesta

Royal Sonesta Boston – A Conversation with Director of Catering, Jim Anello

Jim combines an approachable and down to earth attitude, the highest level of service, and a staff that is experienced and eager to please. The Royal Sonesta is ideally located with a spectacular view, a huge art collection throughout, and a grand ballroom that feels surprisingly private. Professional, flexible, a joy to work with — we love working with Jim and his team!             — Jodi

Tell us what sets a Royal Sonesta apart from all the other Boston area hotels.

Most of the hotels in the Boston have a great ballroom space, some with awesome views of the city or river, and we all have delicious food & beverage options to offer your guests as well as friendly courteous staff.

What sets the Royal Sonesta apart from others is that our team really “gets it”. Throughout the Royal Sonesta, every team member understands the importance of each event; to you, to themselves, to the entire hotel. As Royal Sonesta’s Director of Catering, I rely on that kind of teamwork to create events that are both and memorable.

Royal Sonesta Gold Room
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How did you get started in the industry?

I started as a dishwasher in a tiny French restaurant on Long Island called Yvonne’s and from there, I just fell in love with the whole business. It was always so exciting to me to see how many physical and emotional transformations can happen within just one meal. So much more goes on than just what’s on the plate. In that one event, we learn so much about your guests, like their traditions, their culture, how much they love their family & friends, and what makes them happy.

French restaurant
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What is your favorite part of being in the event industry?

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but the best part of my day is my ride home after an incredibly beautiful wedding, an insanely wild mitzvah or a successful non-profit gala that broke fundraising records! That time allows me to reflect on the relationship between our very first meeting and that night’s event. Did we succeed in bringing your vision to life, did everyone do everything they could to deliver on what we promised, what could we do better or what was so incredible? I can’t wait to do that again! That time, alone in the car just allows me to process how incredibly lucky I am to still be in the business I loved even when I was just washing dishes for Yvonne!

Wedding at Royal Sonesta

Photo Courtesy of Person + Killian Photography
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