Honoring Your Family At Your Wedding

If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents attend your wedding, how do you make sure you honor them properly? Do you have an aunt or uncle with whom you share a treasured relationship? What about loved ones that are no longer with us? So many of our brides and grooms ask how they can best incorporate loved ones into their wedding. There are many creative options depending on your relationships, your family members, and the size, the style, and the type of event you are planning to showcase generations of love.

generations of love

Creative Ways to Include Your Extended Family

If you have space, grandparents are delighted when given the opportunity to include some of their friends on the guest list. They are undoubtedly quite proud of you and your special event. Grandparents will be thrilled at the opportunity to share your event with their circle of friends. Consider asking family members to walk down the aisle in the Procession or dress in the colors of the wedding party. A corsage or special flower can designate certain loved ones as particularly close to the bride or groom. Consider asking family members to take on specific roles at the ceremony or reception. Some may act as greeters and welcome guests as they arrive. Include family members in giving a blessing before the meal. Perhaps your parents mention those special members in a welcome toast?

At JRE, we love displaying family photos of brides and grooms through the generations. It often prompts family stories filled with lovely memories.

Not sure where to turn? Call us or send an inquiry. We’ll help you determine what is most appropriate for your family so that you can give your loved ones the place of honor they deserve.

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