At Jodi Raphael Events, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of couples, each with their own delightful charm and personal style. Our couples want their wedding ceremony and reception to reflect those qualities, and one of the many ways we help them achieve that is through their choice of wedding decor. Upon their first look at their finished reception space, all carefully designed and executed, we want them to be proud of how their vision has come to life.

Whether a large ballroom or an outdoor tent, one of the many design considerations is the choice of floral arrangements, specifically wedding table centerpieces. The centerpiece arrangements we help curate are an essential part of room decor, and, along with everything else related to the tabletop, they need to capture the essence of the couple’s wedding theme. 

In this article, we take you through some of our favorite wedding table centerpieces, showcasing how these artistic creations can transform your wedding décor.

Wedding Table Centerpieces – Elevate the Ambiance

As Massachusetts wedding planners, we have developed a deep admiration for the magic created by beautifully designed wedding table centerpieces. Whether sleek and contemporary or classic and timeless, the delicate interplay of colors and textures has a defining quality. These arrangements elevate the environment around them and are an important part of the entire design landscape.

What To Consider When Making The Choice

When choosing wedding table centerpieces, couples sometimes come to JRE with a preferred color or flower. Is pink or purple a favorite? It’s important to remember that there is more to making a flower choice than color. Pink roses and large pink peonies can be very different hues and sizes – so the final arrangements can vary greatly. To choose the right flower, consideration should also be given to the wedding theme, the room decor, the size and scope of the tables, and when the wedding will occur. 

Wedding Table CenterpiecesSeason is important as flowers do bloom at particular times of the year. The deeper hues of dahlias might be best for fall wedding table centerpieces, peonies in spring, and blue hydrangeas in summer. Roses are popular all year round, as are white flowers. Any flower can be purchased from out of the country off-season, so couples can be creative in their choices.

What makes a wedding table centerpiece extraordinary is not just a single type of flower but a combination of different florals and greenery. As full-service wedding planners, we work with the best professional florists to blend the flowers for an unforgettable look. 

Wedding Table Centerpieces  – Go High or Go Low?

There is a fashion to wedding table centerpieces; while some concepts have stood the test of time, a few have not. For instance, the combination of candles and florals continues to be a classic choice that casts a warm and intimate glow over the tables. Still, we’re always inspired by new ideas that continue to reshape the options available. 

Whatever the choice of wedding table centerpiece is, guests need to see one another, be able to converse at the table, and see the speeches and first dances that take place center stage. That means a centerpiece is low so guests can see over it or high so guests can see around it. 

Low wedding table centerpieces come in various shapes and sizes and can be densely arranged or, like garlands, more loosely constructed. High wedding table centerpieces add texture and dimension to the room. Some are composed of an arrangement of stems, and some are bouquets that sit atop a tall support. If a glass vessel is used, careful attention should be paid to ensure the stems don’t create dirty or unsightly water. 

The Foundation of Decor

Wedding Table CenterpiecesCenterpieces are more than decorative accents; they can be the foundation of a wedding’s aesthetic. Whether a rustic barn wedding or a luxury affair, centerpieces harmonize all the visual elements and design choices. We’ve seen how a carefully selected arrangement can spark conversations and leave a lasting impression. 

As premier Boston wedding planners, we take immense joy in helping curate centerpieces that are a captivating focal point and resonate with couples and their guests. 

To learn more about our wedding planning services, please contact us today, and let’s start the conversation!

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