Weddings weave together a tapestry of traditions, trends, and personal touches, each affecting the entire fabric of a couple’s special day. One topic that sometimes sparks debate during the planning process is whether or not to include wedding favors for guests. Is it a delightful detail or an unnecessary expense? Let’s dive into the diverse opinions surrounding the topic of favors! 

Wedding Favors: The Pro’s

  • A Token of Appreciation

Wedding favors have long been considered tokens of appreciation; they are small gifts intended to express gratitude toward guests for sharing their special day. Favors are a tangible way to say, “Thank you for being here with us.”

  • An Element of Personalization and Creativity

Favors allow couples to get creative and add a personal touch to their celebrations. They can choose favors that align with their personalities, interests, heritage, or wedding theme. From custom-made jewelry to locally sourced goodies; homemade candy bars to personalized wine bottles and branded photos, the possibilities are endless!

  • Memorable Keepsakes

Thoughtfully chosen wedding favors can become cherished keepsakes for guests. Every time they use or display the favor, it reminds them of the couple’s wedding day. These tokens can hold sentimental value and often last for years to come.

Wedding Favors –  The Con’s

  • Wedding Budget Considerations

One of the main arguments against favors is budget-related. Luxury weddings, in particular, but in fact, all weddings, can be costly.  Some couples may prefer to allocate their budget toward other wedding expenses like gourmet catering or stunning decor

  • Environmental Impact

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, some couples forgo traditional favors to reduce their carbon footprint. Small trinkets or plastic favors may not align with eco-friendly wedding values, leading couples to explore alternative ways to show appreciation.

  • Distribution & Waste

It’s easy for guests to leave the wedding without realizing favors were available. Or they may choose not to take one because they don’t travel well. Couples often opt-out rather than add one more detail that may be wasted.

Inspiration, Not Obligation!

Regardless of the opinions surrounding favors for guests, one key point should be emphasized: the decision should be inspired, not obligatory. While some wedding planners may suggest favors, the best, most memorable favors are not forced. Couples should choose something that is an appropriate memento of the day, something that reflects their story. Remember, favors are not a requirement; if they don’t align with a couple’s vision, values, or budget, they should be skipped. 

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