Details of a Luxury Modern Wedding

luxury modern wedding details

Rich in history and steeped in detail, Boston is home to some of the country’s most interesting and diverse architecture. The bustling metropolis can cater to a vast array of styles, whether traditional, eclectic, or modern. As Boston wedding planners, we are constantly tasked with not only pairing the perfect venue to the style of […]

Fall Wedding Themes – Inspired Ideas from the Pros!

fall wedding themes

Fall weddings, imbued with cozy ambiance, crisp air, and vibrant foliage, set the stage for an unforgettable celebration, especially in Greater Boston. As seasoned Massachusetts wedding planners, we’ve had the privilege of helping couples turn their fall wedding dreams into extraordinary celebrations. Let’s explore some unique fall wedding themes trending now, from rustic chic to […]

Wedding Favors for Guests – Is It Niche’ or Necessary?

Weddings weave together a tapestry of traditions, trends, and personal touches, each affecting the entire fabric of a couple’s special day. One topic that sometimes sparks debate during the planning process is whether or not to include wedding favors for guests. Is it a delightful detail or an unnecessary expense? Let’s dive into the diverse […]

Wedding Branding; What Does It Entail?

Wedding Branding

You may have heard the term “wedding branding” in recent years and wondered what it means exactly, and, if you’re planning a wedding, what it entails. While certainly not for every couple, wedding branding is all about creating a unique and personal design for your wedding that carries throughout several event details. This includes invitations […]

Black-and-White Weddings; A Chic Scheme for All to Enjoy

black-and-white wedding

A black-and-white wedding is a theme that has retained its charm, spirit, and impact for decades. It’s a classic color scheme, old world and modern simultaneously, and perfect for couples wanting an elegant and timeless wedding. The black and white wedding trend has evolved over the years and now encompasses more than just color; sometimes, […]

2022 Wedding Trends – How Trendy Does Our Wedding Need to Be?

2022 Wedding Trends

Trends always come and go, and weddings are not immune; certainly, there is a fashion to this trendy business. If you and your partner have been dreaming about your future wedding, the pressure to be on-trend can feel overwhelming – there are myriad choices to make! Many couples ask themselves this question: “Does our wedding […]

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