You may have heard the term “wedding branding” in recent years and wondered what it means exactly, and, if you’re planning a wedding, what it entails. While certainly not for every couple, wedding branding is all about creating a unique and personal design for your wedding that carries throughout several event details. This includes invitations and save-the-dates, floral arrangements, table settings, and even the wedding party’s attire. 

We love it when brides and grooms brand their wedding, particularly when it’s done with care and attention to detail! With the help of a skilled wedding event planner, a couple can create a unique and personalized wedding that feels like a reflection of their love story.

Wedding Branding – What Is The Process?

Creating a wedding brand starts with defining the couple’s style and personality; this means determining what elements are most important to the couple and incorporating them into the design schemes. Many brides and grooms will begin the process by creating a logo or monogram to be used throughout the event. This logo can be incorporated into everything from invitations to event-day printed materials to parting gifts, even a marquis on the dance floor! The logo should be simple, easy to read, and reflect the couple’s personality and style. 

Taken a step further, couples may want to incorporate a special hobby they enjoy or their “how we met” story. For example, if they love traveling or met while abroad, they may incorporate a travel theme into their wedding branding. Details such as save-the-dates, custom cocktail napkins, a seating chart that looks like a world map, along with tabletop colors and textures will set the tone for the entire event. 

In addition to the visual elements of wedding branding, experiential details can be incorporated. Think signature cocktails and personalized playlists reflecting the couple’s theme and personal style.

At JRE, we work with our couples to create the design and brand and then curate the wedding vendors needed based on those designs.

An Opportunity to Create a Memorable Connection

Creative wedding branding is part of a unique and memorable guest experience. A well-selected and cohesive design will engage guests in a personal part of the couples’ story, providing a richer connection to the event. This may explain why wedding branding has become typical of luxury weddings, as couples seek to fashion an unforgettable and very distinct experience for their guests.

With the help of an experienced Boston wedding planner, couples can bring their vision and wedding brand to life. 

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