Wedding favors, while not essential for a wonderful event, are always a nice touch, providing a memento as guests say their final goodbyes. In recent years, the trend has shifted toward customized wedding favors. Customized wedding favors are a tangible reminder of the day and a thoughtful acknowledgment that the couple appreciates those who have come to celebrate with them. 

If you’re considering wedding favors for your ceremony, why not step it up to the next tier with unique favors created specifically for your event? Customized wedding favors add a personal touch to your wedding, and countless options are available. From monogrammed keepsakes to luxurious hotel room gifts, these favors can be tailored to suit any theme, color scheme, wedding brand, or budget. Whatever you choose, personalized wedding favors show gratitude from the newlywed couple. 

What Are The Different Options?

A popular option for customized wedding favors is to provide guests with monogrammed keepsakes, including personalized glassware or framed photos, and you can’t go wrong with food like chocolates or cookies with the couple’s initials or wedding date. These types of wedding favors are not novel, yet guests still appreciate them. 

Are the bride and groom foodies? Or did they meet on a beach one summer on the Cape? Meaningful items like gourmet jams or maybe an ocean-scented candle help to tell the couple’s story in a unique and lasting way.

One of our favorite customized favors created for a wedding that we recently planned took it a step further; the couple gave their guests personalized Christmas ornaments. At another wedding, we arranged for customized charcuterie boards. Not only are these favors beautiful keepsakes, but on celebratory occasions, guests have a reminder of your joyful day.

Sustainable, customized gifts are popular for couples looking for a more eco-friendly wedding favor option. Such favors could include seed packets or small potted plants, like a china tea cup filled with succulents. We’ve had clients share customized blends of perennial wildflowers for guests to plant when they get home, producing a unique bloom of wildflowers that appear at the same time of year. It’s a charming way to provide guests with a lasting reminder long after the celebration is over!

Customized Wedding Favors – Assistance With the Favors

Social event planners or Boston wedding planners can offer creative ideas and valuable insights when selecting customized favors for your wedding or other special events. They help you navigate the options available, suggest unique items that align with your wedding theme, and assist with sourcing and packaging the favors. 

While arranging customized wedding favors does require more time and thought, your guests can’t help but notice the extra care you’ve taken to thank them. A personally curated gift from you to a deeply-loved friend or family member will always be appreciated.

If gifting is not a priority for the couple-to-be, a charitable donation is lovely. Sometimes, in lieu of curating favors for the guests, our clients have opted to give to a charitable organization of their choice. This sentiment is always received greatly by those attending the wedding. 

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