Marrying your true love is a life-defining experience, and your wedding day should be all about celebrating that partnership and the life you plan to share. Yet, as we become more and more aware of our impact on the planet in even the smallest of our actions, it begs the question: Is it possible to plan an eco-friendly wedding?? 

The answer is, “Yes!”

Of course, weddings can be wasteful in terms of some resources, but if you value sustainability, don’t fret. At Jodi Raphael Events, we’ve been exploring eco-friendly wedding options with clients that prioritize the earth and their personal environmental impact!

There are myriad ways to hold a sustainable “green” wedding if you and your partner choose to follow that direction. While it’s a challenge to host a 100% eco-friendly wedding, every action counts in your effort to reduce your carbon footprint. Even small steps can add up to big changes. Here, we outline our suggestions for holding an eco-friendly wedding.


Yes, where you host your wedding matters! Do some research; many venues take great pride in their efforts toward going green. Some are certified by Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), which means they have been designed and built under very strict guidelines for sustainability.  Do the same for local hotels and lodging. Make sure that they recycle, donate leftovers, and compost. And think about the emissions savings by hosting your ceremony and reception all in one place! 

Wedding Invitations & Paper Products

If you’re interested in keeping the use of paper products to a minimum, there are options now to print your wedding invitations on seed flowers or upcycled materials. Signs, ceremony cards, escort cards, and menus can all be printed on paper products made of sustainable or biodegradable materials. Or think about going digital for your invitations, wedding documents, and registry. 


To encourage your guests to practice sustainability while attending your wedding, ask them to carpool or hire a shuttle service if you have groups of guests coming from the same location. If transportation is necessary from the ceremony to the reception, several eco-friendly options are available, such as electric/hybrid vehicle transportation services. Planning a more casual wedding? Beautiful retro bicycles may be available for you to rent for those who wish to ride to the reception venue. It’s a great opportunity for some memorable photos! 

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Food and Drinks 

We are fortunate to be New England and Boston wedding planners with access to many farm-to-table catering services. When choosing a caterer for your wedding, find out if they offer food from sustainable and local sources. Inquire about the farmers they partner with and how they provide protein. You might consider an entirely vegetarian meal, a more sustainable option. When deciding on alcohol and drinks, make sure they’re all coming from eco-friendly dispensaries, vineyards, or stores. 

Floral Arrangements & Decor  

Formal or more casual, the decor at your wedding sets the tone for the event, and there are eco-friendly wedding options available that fall within most any budget. Choose flowers that are currently in season and are sourced locally. If you prefer to opt-out of floral arrangements altogether, you might include potted plants, natural decorations, wood flowers or floral rentals. As most brides and grooms do choose fresh flowers, repurpose those used in the ceremony for the reception, and consider donating those left over to hospitals and nursing facilities.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding – Small Efforts Add Up

There’s much to consider as you begin to plan an eco-friendly wedding. Minimizing the wedding’s environmental impact doesn’t mean sacrificing what it takes to make it a special event for you and your guests. As you consider even the smallest eco-friendly choices, remember they do add up to a wedding that can be less wasteful but every bit as memorable. As Boston wedding planners, we’re here to help guide your focus so you can enjoy the process. 

To learn more about wedding planning and eco-friendly wedding options, please reach out. We’re here to help! 

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