A wedding reception, by its very nature, has countless details woven through it. Everything from specialty cocktails to menu choices to room decor helps to define the ambiance you want to create. Included in that list is, and one of the most significant is the band. From large orchestras to small quartets, the band you choose will help set the timing and tone of the entire event.   

boston wedding bands

As experienced Boston wedding planners, we have worked with dozens of professional wedding bands, each one with its own unique style. So, break out your playlist!  I’ve included a few of my favorites professional performers here. If you need help, I hope you’ll talk to a professional wedding event planner; it is a choice you’ll never regret! 


Beantown is a private affair band that has toured nationally for over ten years. Their 11-piece ensemble includes many lead vocalists, a three-piece horn section, and a percussionist. They’ve performed for the New England Patriots at two Super Bowls and have shared the stage with artists such as Alicia Keys, Earth Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie, and the Black Eyed Peas. They regularly perform around the East coast and offer bi-lingual MC and vocals. 

Music Specialty: Beantown includes a large, general selection of music ranging from top 40s, 70’s/80’s, R&B, and more. 

Wedding Type: We suggest Beantown for people interested in a fun and upbeat wedding experience. Fans of live music will especially appreciate their energetic style. 


Eye2Eye is another award-winning private ensemble band with multiple vocalists and a large horn section, totaling either 8, 9, or 10 pieces. Their credits include opening for Sir Elton John at Gillette Stadium; performances for New England Patriots; the closing night of the Democratic National Convention; and Symphony Hall with “The Goo Goo Dolls” for Hillary Clinton, among others.

Music Specialty: Eye2Eye takes your wedding celebration to a whole new level with a long list of top 40, R&B, and traditional music.

Wedding Type: If you are looking for a band with high-energy talent and a playlist sure to get every guest on their feet, Eye2Eye is right for you.


Music Specialty: Hudson meets at the intersection of fun and refinement. They are a high-energy ensemble that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of showmanship or professionalism. Undoubtedly one of Boston’s most sought-after wedding bands. 

Wedding Type: We recommend Hudson to weddings that draw on energy, fun, and involvement. If your wedding party will enjoy a slight skew towards modern hits, R&B, and big band sound, Hudson would work perfectly. 

Hip Pocket Orchestra

The Hip Pocket Orchestra has 20 years of performance experience. They have four lead vocalists, three horns, and a very experienced rhythm section. Their main band totals ten musicians, but they can add Latin percussion and a complete string section by request. They’ve performed for some of Boston’s most prestigious events and venues. 

Music Specialty: Hip Pocket Orchestra offers a wide variety of music ranging from classic rock to the top 40 hits of today. 

Wedding Type: We recommend Hip Pocket Orchestra for people interested in an experienced band with superior talent and a traditional style of live music.

Boston Wedding Bands – It’s Your Big Day and Night!

As Massachusetts wedding planners, we know how to source Boston wedding bands that provide top-tier performances. We want you to dance all day and keep dancing happily long into the night! That happens when you find the perfect band to fit your tastes, personalities, and the vibe you hope to create on your wedding day. 

To learn more about Boston wedding bands and how to arrange live music for your wedding best, please contact us!

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