Selecting a date can be one of the most challenging decisions you and your partner will make regarding your wedding. While it doesn’t seem that complicated, choosing the time of year means thinking through the implications of weather, type of venue, the number of guests, your availability, family travel, and color and decor. It is why a wedding event planner can be an important resource when picking a date and planning your wedding. 

how to pick a wedding date

As Boston wedding planners, it’s our job to help you find the right wedding date to suit your vision and budget. This year, we’re seeing pandemic-related challenges; the more sought-after dates are more competitive than ever because of the backlog from 2020. But we’re finding that with a little flexibility and creativity, we’re able to find the right venues at the right time of year.

How to pick a wedding date? We hope you’ll listen to the advice of your wedding event planner. Here’s what you should be considering:

How to Pick a Wedding Date – Be Flexible

At Jodi Raphael Events, we’ve planned weddings with couples in as little time as seven weeks and as long as several years. While we don’t advise the shorter lead time, in either case, date flexibility will give you far more venue options from which to choose, whether based on their availability or your budget. Thursday or Friday nights will be much more available to you than weekend dates, and being open to thinking outside the box might open up some creative options.

How to Pick a Wedding Date – Keep the Season in Mind

For states with traditional seasons, autumn and spring tend to be the most sought-after, but as popular as they are, those times of the year can present challenges when looking for the perfect venue or accommodating your guests. Fall weddings in New England rival spring and summer in popularity, and so if that time of year is important to you, you may need to be more flexible on dates or days of the week. Keep in mind there’s charm and unique beauty to be found in all seasons across the region, and no time of year is off limits! Some of our favorite weddings have taken place against a winter backdrop!

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How to Pick a Wedding Date – Plan Ahead for Guests

When planning your wedding, you’ll want to be thoughtful of your guests, making sure they are enjoying the events of the weekend and not too inconvenienced by travel. Most people try to avoid dates important to their religion and culture when guests may already be booked for important events. Finding an available venue on Christmas day or Thanksgiving will be difficult, travel will be a challenge, and many of your guests will have other obligations. 

Have Fun With It

Be creative when choosing your wedding date! Is there a date unique to you and your partner, maybe the day you first met or your parent’s anniversary?

Picking a date doesn’t need to be stressful. It’s about working with your wedding planner to understand what is most important to you. Whether it’s the season, the venue type, or the exact day, an experienced wedding planner will make your dream wedding one to remember!  

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