Why Choose Boston?

Whether you and your partner are Boston locals looking for the perfect venue or out-of-towners considering the city to host your wedding, the city of Boston should be among your top contenders! 

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Most of us living in the Greater Boston Area will have a story to tell about our favorite Boston wedding location or venue; as Boston wedding planners, we want to give you a glimpse of all the great city has to offer! Here are some great reasons to have a Boston wedding in your home city, or visit us for your dream wedding.

The Stellar Venues

As one of the premier cities of the U.S, Boston has a great selection of venues for every type of wedding imaginable. Boston has a little something for everyone, whether you and your partner enjoy history, American landmarks, sports venues, or just being by the ocean.

There’s a wide variety of unique locations to choose from that cater to all four seasons. You’ll find several options by the Atlantic harborfront for the spring, summer, and fall. For the colder weather months, beautiful historic indoor venues, theaters, libraries, or even on-campus sites abound; there’s just so much to choose from. 

An experienced Massachusetts wedding planner will have recommendations on venues based on your tastes and time of year, so be sure to consult with a professional.  

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Spectacular Settings

Boston has the advantage of having gorgeous seaside views along with a pristine and historic city skyline; it all depends on what you’d like your backdrop to be. Are you more interested in having an urban wedding? Something like Fenway Park or near the Boston Public Garden? Or would you prefer to stay on the outskirts of town? Perhaps in a historic neighboring village? It’s all within reach and easily accessible for locals and guests alike. 

Keeping It Fun For Guests

There are many ways to keep your guests entertained throughout the entire wedding weekend. Give your guests unique opportunities to engage with the city by hiring a Duck Boat, suggesting historic walking tours, partying at classic Boston pubs, or dining at some of the city’s premier restaurants. Organize a group to go to a Celtics or Red Sox game downtown or attend a concert at Symphony Hall. 

boston wedding

If you and your partner want to get creative, consider something a little different for your Boston wedding and reception. Host your wedding at the Boston Museum of Science, a local Boston winery/brewery, or even the Zoo! Don’t be afraid to try something different, unique to you, and unforgettable for everyone who attends.

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Boston Weddings – Unique Experiences

Boston is a truly unique American city with so much to offer. Even people who have lived in the city for decades can still discover new places to see and experience. We don’t mean to brag, but Boston’s a pretty special place and an excellent city in which to host your wedding!

If you’d like to learn more about the city and wedding opportunities, please connect with us

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