A black-and-white wedding is a theme that has retained its charm, spirit, and impact for decades. It’s a classic color scheme, old world and modern simultaneously, and perfect for couples wanting an elegant and timeless wedding.

The black and white wedding trend has evolved over the years and now encompasses more than just color; sometimes, it’s about style, contemporary, chic, or even Great Gatsby-like. This article will explore the reasons behind the trend’s longevity, how black-and-white weddings can be designed to be modern or classic, and whether the theme is here to stay.

Black-and-White Weddings – A Dynamic Option

When we say “black-and-white wedding, what exactly do we mean? Simply put, it’s a wedding where black and white are the dominant colors, including the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire and decor. Incorporating black-and-white into your wedding can be done as simply as just white dresses for the bridesmaids and black tuxedos for the groomsmen or as elaborate as a black-and-white striped dance floor or tablescapes with layers of black linen and white roses. The options are endless. 

Black and white is one of the more versatile color schemes. If a couple wants a contemporary luxury wedding, they can incorporate black and white into the printed materials, black linenless tables with black chairs, and even invite their guests to wear black and white. The bride might opt for a sleek white dress with black shoes, and the groom, a black tuxedo with a white shirt. The decor could be dominated by either color; chic black or slick white accents, even with a pop of color.

Black-and white-weddings can also be old-world classical. This theme is reminiscent of golden-era Hollywood glamor – the bride might wear a classic white gown with a black sash, and the groom, a white tuxedo, shirt, and bow tie. 

The decor at a luxury black and white wedding might be more elaborate, with chandeliers, printed materials with white ink on black paper, and black or white flatware or glassware. Don’t forget the wedding cake! It can be a classic black and white tiered cake with black and white flowers.

Black and White Weddings – Will They Last?

So, do wedding insiders expect the trend to last? Black-and-white weddings are timeless, can adapt to any wedding style or trend, and work with most budgets. As long-established Boston wedding planners, we’ve seen many trends come and go, but black-and-white weddings will be around forever. 

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