Getting married certainly is a pivotal moment in one’s life, and weddings are all about celebrating this important rite of passage. So much planning goes into making the day seamless, creating an enjoyable event for all, and bringing to fruition exactly what the couple had hoped for. But how long does it take to plan a wedding? Let’s cover the planning timeline and some factors that can influence how long it takes.

How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding? – The Variables

No two weddings are identical, and neither is the planning process. It’s all about identifying what is important and prioritizing, and that process is unique to each couple. Think about it: if you are absolutely set on hiring a particular band, then you will pick a date that the band has available and build all the other details around that. 

Without a singular priority, however, coming to the right date is about juggling several factors and deciding what matters most: 

  • Venue: This is where we typically start. Depending on where the wedding takes place, planning might be delayed or moved forward to meet wedding venue availability.
  • Schedules: Bridal party and family work schedules can affect wedding planning significantly, especially when the event will require a good deal of travel for guests.
  • Family circumstances: Is there a sibling whose baby is due in spring or an ailing grandparent? These factors will have an impact on your wedding date.
  • Wardrobe: While there are so many beautiful pieces of wedding apparel from which to choose, ordering a wedding gown can take up to a year. If you have a specific dress in mind, it’s something to consider.
  • Significant family dates: Is there an anniversary that is significant to the couple or a birthday weekend they wish to avoid? This will affect the choice of date.

Wedding Planning Timelines

Planning timelines for weddings can vary exponentially, but in our experience, wedding planning timelines range from 10-20 months.  Additionally, the timeline for planning a wedding will likely be much greater for couples not working with a wedding planner. Those handling the planning process alone will spend roughly 200-300 hours on it, while those who work with a professional planner reduce that timeline by half, sometimes more.

So much goes into planning a wedding that couples can feel overwhelmed early in the process. To take some of the pressure off your shoulders, we invite you to reach out to Jodi Raphael Events – an experienced Boston wedding planner

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