Can you imagine a wedding reception without a seating chart? Neither can we! Guests expect they will be shown where they need to be throughout the events of a wedding and reception. No one wants to be left to find the one available place setting at the least suitable table!

Constructing a seating chart can initially feel daunting, but there’s no need to worry! We’ve put together some tips to help with the logistics and aesthetics of curating the perfect wedding seating chart. Let’s get started!

First, Design The Room

When guests first arrive at a wedding reception, they may first notice the colors, the lighting, or the floral arrangements. These are just a few decisions you will make about room design, but there’s more to it. Where will you place the band and dance floor, how will the lighting be arranged, and how will you seat your guests? 

There are many options for seating at a wedding reception and a lot to consider: your guest list, the venue size, your vision for how the room will look, and if you are limited by the type of seating available to you. 

Long rectangular tables have become popular in recent years; they will fit more people into a space than round tables. That said, round tables are more intimate and make for easier conversation. Many of the rooms we design are a combination of both.

At JRE, we use our years of experience coupled with the latest software to create a detailed schematic with options for the number of tables and the size of each. This document helps our clients make decisions about their seating chart, a drawing of how and where they can seat their guests. 

Take A Seat

Whether you’re looking at a guest list of dozens or hundreds, the first decision you will have to make about the seating chart is where you want to sit. Do you want a sweetheart table set for two? Do you want to sit at a head table with your bridal party or immediate family? 

The advantage of a sweetheart table is that it gives you a romantic space set aside for just the two of you, helps guests find you, and gives you a base from which you can easily visit with friends and family. By contrast, a head table surrounds you with the people closest to you, honors those in your bridal party, and puts you right in the middle of all the activity. 

Sometimes the decision of where you’ll sit is based purely on personal preference; other times, it’s logistical. Adding two more to a bridal party table doesn’t always fit, or it could be just what is needed to fill the table properly. 

Decide Where to Put Your VIPs

 Next, you’ll want to place the wedding VIPs. These seats are typically reserved for the immediate family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and best friends.  Do you want them at one large table or several smaller ones? What about siblings?

Where do you want your parents to sit? One option is to set aside one table for all the parents and grandparents. Another is to separate them by family and let your parents decide with whom they each want to sit. In the case of divorced parents, this is often the best solution.

The advantage of grouping the VIPs at specific tables is that you can quickly locate them; they may be the people you’ll interact with most throughout the wedding. It also helps photographers and other vendors identify where to place their attention first. 

Consider Personalities, Familiarity, and Tastes

Once you have your families and VIPs settled, it’s time to consider the rest of your guest list. No one will understand your guests better than you and your partner, so start collecting your thoughts about each invitee. If you’re seating people together who may never have met, think about their interests and personalities and consider who they might enjoy spending the evening with. 

Enlist your parents to help with their guest lists. They know which family members and friends have something in common or have met before and which are best seated separately.

Jodi Raphael Events – Wedding Seating Chart

There are a lot of factors to consider about your special day. From invitations to catering to seating charts, it can feel overwhelming. No doubt, you want to make every little detail perfect. 

For your special day, leave the planning to the professionals, like the experienced Boston wedding planners at Jodi Raphael Events. We’ll help you through every step to create your dream wedding and a day you’ll never forget.

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