As the days leading up to your wedding get closer, every couple finds themselves obsessively checking the weather hoping for sunshine on the day of their celebration. While the weather is out of your control, there are many ways to adapt should the forecast look gray and you are facing rain on your wedding day.  

No one hopes for inclement weather, but remember that an experienced wedding planner will do everything to mitigate its effect so that your wedding can be as magical as you had planned. Here are some simple ways to prepare for rain on your wedding day.

Not All Rain Is Created Equal

As we all know, not all rain storms are the same. When preparing for a shower during a big event like a wedding, it’s important to know how severe the rain will be. Is a small shower predicted, one that lasts only a few minutes? Or do you need to prepare yourself for an hours-long downpour? Both need to be handled appropriately. 

Keep Rain Gear Close By

Whether this means umbrellas, rain boots, extra towels, or ponchos for guests or caterers, it’s important to keep protective gear available for a heavy storm.  If rain looks likely, and we have enough advance time, we can personalize these items for guests. Everyone understands that rain can happen; this is one measure that helps your guests to feel cared for. 

A Tented Wedding In The Rain?

The weather is particularly crucial if you are planning a tented wedding. Still, if rain is predicted, we arrange for a marquis to connect the tent to either a structure or a bathroom trailer so that guests stay dry. We often create a “dry” space for the servers to run the food to and from the kitchen so that they and the meals they serve don’t get cold and wet. You might consider arranging for valet service. It can be a lifesaver when it rains as a tent can be placed over the valet allowing guests to exit their cars comfortably.

Rain On Your Wedding Day – Look On The Bright Side

If you tend to be superstitious, you might already know that rain on your wedding day is typically seen as a prediction of good fortune. Rainy days can also make for spectacular photos when you embrace the circumstances. Keep your perspective! While the weather may not be perfect, what you and your guest will remember most is the love and joy that filled the room, something to treasure, rain or shine!

While planning your wedding day can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Hiring a professional Boston wedding planner can make your wedding day everything you hope for, even if there are a few raindrops. 

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