Becoming engaged is an exciting time for you and for your family as you make “official” your love and commitment, and look forward to building a life together. Once the celebratory toasts have been made along with calls to family and friends, it is time to think about planning your big day. 

Wedding planning is very much like writing a symphony and conducting the orchestra all at the same time;  it’s a complicated, multi-faceted process. There are countless details: venue selection, scheduling, and vendor choice are just the beginning, and questions will arise along the way. How many options should you consider before making a decision? What should it cost? How do you balance your own expectations with those of family members? 

The process can be stressful and time-consuming.  In fact, recent studies have found that it takes an average of 528 hours to plan a wedding.  

It’s time to hire an expert wedding planner.

About one in every three couples hire a wedding planner for their big day.  We’re breaking down the top 5 reasons and exactly how a wedding planner can help turn your dream wedding into reality.

1. Support & Guidance 

Some brides (and many grooms!) have a specific vision for their wedding day, and some a sense of what they want the day to look like, long before they’re even engaged. Others are looking for inspiration.

Instagram. Pinterest. Wedding magazines. TV shows and websites. Weddings you have attended. They can blend together to help you imagine your Perfect Day. What details resonate with you? What choices would you make differently?

When you hire a wedding planner, you’re gaining a support system that can guide you through all of your options. Wedding planners will meet with you, listen carefully, and then present you with options that match your dream wedding based on their deep experience.

As wedding experts, they know the ebbs and flows of the process, are a creative resource, help with budgeting, and will establish a timeline for decision-making along the way. The process becomes more streamlined, helping to mitigate that feeling of decision overload that comes with so many options to choose from.

2. A Network of Industry Connections

On average, couples hire 15 vendors for their wedding day. Venue, photographers, florists, caterers, DJs, live music… the list goes on. Not only are there many types of vendors to hire and schedule, but there are often dozens of options in each category available to you.

When you hire a wedding planner, you’ll gain access to connections they have made over years of wedding planning. You can have confidence in the quality of their network and that you are hiring professionals who will reliably meet or beat your expectations on your wedding day

Late arrivals…lost deposits…changes in orders — when you hire a wedding planner, you no longer need to be concerned about a single detail missed. 

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3. Smart Budgeting

Catering. Table decor. Lighting. Music. Weddings can be costly. When you hire a wedding planner, you’ll have a professional to help you budget for every detail. She will know if the prices you have been quoted are fair and can negotiate on your behalf to make sure you are getting the value you expect. 

The cost of a wedding planner is an investment in allocating your budget wisely. 

4. Establishing a Wedding Planning Timeline

Hiring a wedding planner means that you have an expert on-call at all times who understands all aspects of how weddings typically run — from scheduling to coordinating vendors to following budgets to showing up day-of to manage all the details. She will create a timeline for decision making so that every detail from dress shopping to bridesmaids’ gifts to transportation are arranged for well in advance.

A good wedding planner will be able to help with all of the logistics, offer advice and solutions for issues and concerns that arise and present creative solutions to make your day truly unique — all without concern over missing a single detail. You can expect expert advice from a seasoned professional, guidance that will help your day run smoothly.

5. Focus on Enjoying Your Day

Who needs stress on their wedding day? A wedding planner takes care of scheduling, organizing, day-of crises, and execution of every last detail on the day of your wedding so that you get to enjoy every minute! 

That 528 hours planning, scheduling, and stressing about your wedding? It’s time to hire a wedding planner!

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