A Conversation with Chantal Ambroise, Makeup Artistry

Chantal is a multi-talented woman. I met her while she was singing in two of our favorite wedding bands and we became fast friends. Little did I know that she is an incredible make-up artist as well. Our clients love the way that she applies their make up for their special occasions. She works with them to create just the right look for the day and for their particular style. When Chantal does the make up for our brides and then sings in the band it is like a double dose of sunshine that day!

         — Jodi

Chantal Ambroise with Bride

Tell us about Chantal Ambroise, Makeup Artistry.

I am an event makeup artist with 20 years of experience working throughout New England. I love helping clients find their own unique beauty. While known in the industry for a clean, fresh, and sophisticated approach to make up, I also enjoy creating bold glamorous looks. Either way, the goal is for the client to feel totally confident and radiant in their skin.

Chantal Ambroise with Bride 2

How did you get started in the industry?

I was always passionate about makeup and fashion. In 2000 I moved to Boston to complete my undergraduate degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. To help pay for school I worked part time at a cosmetics counter. I continued working in retail after graduation until 2018.  Eventually, I became a regional artist for Bobbi Brown cosmetics, a market trainer for Hourglass cosmetics, and most recently was the market specialist/executive for Tom Ford Beauty. Though I always took on private work, over the years, after the birth of my first child, I decided it was time to fully focus on my own business and artistry. Becoming an independent artist made me feel a new sense of freedom and inspiration!


What is your favorite part of being in the event industry?

I absolutely love being part of so many special events and making clients feel wonderful before they step out the door. Bridal work in particular is so exciting. I’m honored to be with someone on what is more often than not the most important day of their life.  I don’t take that lightly.

In addition to making the client look and feel gorgeous I try my best to set the tone and be whatever it is that person needs. For some it’s creating a calm soothing atmosphere; to others it’s just having fun and keeping everything lighthearted!

Each event is different. I learn something new every time I help people look their best and I enjoy building wonderful relationships with everyone involved!


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