No doubt, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. In our industry, couples who had been looking forward to large weddings were forced to make adjustments to party size, venue and often moved their wedding to date further in the future. Many couples opted for something smaller than they had intended; a micro wedding. Micro weddings offer a couple a ceremony and reception that honors and embraces all the time-tested traditions and details of a wedding such as venue, catering, entertainment, and décor, but does so in a scaled-down manner, typically embracing a guest list of no more than 50 in attendance. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and all the restrictions it put in place, micro weddings were gaining popularity throughout the greater Boston area because of the freedom and creativity a smaller guest list allows.

Mirco weddings are a celebration of one of the most precious shared moments in a couples’ lives at venues and locations that would not be possible with a larger wedding party. This location freedom is one of the greatest strengths of micro weddings and among the more alluring aspects of planning a wedding, in general. 

In this article, we’re going to look at 4 of the top micro wedding trends we predict for the 2021 wedding season(s)! 

1. Unique and Personal Venues 

A wedding with 100 or more attendees will need to be held at a venue that can accommodate larger numbers comfortably. With mico weddings, venues that may never have been previously considered an option are now suddenly available. 

Instead of hosting your wedding at a large hotel, the venue can be a charming seaside bed & breakfast; instead of renting a grand ballroom, the reception can take place at a lovely family farm or cottage.

micro weddings

Fewer guests can lead to a more unique and personalized venue experience. Picture walking down the aisle atop a charming city rooftop next to the Boston Commons. Or the fun, funky, and historic ambiance of a reception at a craft brewery inside a reconditioned mill! 

More and more couples choose to get married on large estates, perfect for a smaller guest list, whether they be family-owned or rented. Micro weddings are well suited to this type of venue, often with a unique history and cozy charm. 

We’ve actually had clients discover their dream venue because they had to make their guestlist smaller!

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2. Food-Enthusiast Dining Options

Let’s face it; we are living in a time when most of us consider ourselves a foodie to some degree. There are countless cooking shows, Instagram accounts, and publications dedicated to all the new and exciting flavors happening with food and dining culture. It may have been impressive to have pigs in a blanket and shrimp cocktail at a wedding in 1983, but now the expectations are higher, though the classics are a must-have for some families!


With micro weddings, couples have the freedom to prepare a menu for their guests that is less generic and more exciting. To offer this type of menu could be very difficult and expensive to prepare for 200+ people. Fewer people on the guest list means more creative gourmet options may be possible. 

We expect couples to step it up with their menus and options for micro weddings in 2021. We also see the food being locally-focused and slightly adventurous. If the caterer suggests something more exotic, more couples will be willing to try out less-predictable options!

3. Original/Imaginative Wedding Themes

As micro weddings allow for smaller wedding venues and unique locations, we anticipate that these weddings will have themes that tie to and accentuate the venue’s charm. A wedding that’s happening on a beach near Boston’s South Shore might include outdoor dining on the beach. Picture classic New England seaside dining options like oysters, clams, and lobsters presented with charming grey wooden tables under white cloth draped picnic tables. A complete seaside theme.

table in garden

4. Personalized Experiences for Wedding Guests

When couples decide to have a micro wedding, there are countless opportunities to celebrate each guest, to convey how meaningful it is they are present for this very special occasion. Fewer attendees mean that the couple can put special care into how each guest interacts with the wedding and feels a part of it; this reinforces that each guest is unique and not just another number in attendance.


We anticipate that many couples will choose to send out announcements, invitations, and other wedding correspondence on handwritten stationery with personalized notes. At JRE, we’ve worked with clients to curate customized gift bags/baskets for guests attending microweddings. Each has personalized items to show the guests how important they are to the couple and how thankful the newlyweds are that they came and contributed to their wedding day.

Embracing the Day

At Jodi Raphael Events, we help our clients embrace the intimacy of a micro wedding and show them how to recognize the wonderful opportunities they have to make their wedding special, regardless of guest list size. 

As experienced Boston wedding planners and special event planners, our goal is to help our clients realize their dream wedding or event without angst, heartache, or stress! 

If You’re considering a micro wedding in Boston, please connect with us to learn more!

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