Many couples have professed that the most important person at their wedding was their day-of-coordinator. Talented coordinators help couples enjoy every moment of their wedding day by eliminating any potential stress, even going as far as taking care of problems without the couple ever needing to hear about them. Day-of wedding coordinators ensure that couples can revel in the wedding of their dreams without having to worry about all the details. But, what does that mean? What does a day-of wedding coordinator do, exactly? Let us elaborate. 

what does a day of wedding coordinator do

What Is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator and What Does a Day of Wedding Coordinator Do?

The responsibility of making sure that the wedding day (or weekend) all goes perfectly according to plan falls on the shoulders of the day-of-wedding coordinator. To make that magic happen, it all starts the month before the actual date:

Pre-wedding Meeting

    • The role of a day-of coordinator begins long before the actual day-of. They will meet with you to get your list of vendors, confirm with each one, and create a timeline for the event. 
    • If the circumstances call for it, they will also run the ceremony rehearsal the night before the wedding.

On the actual wedding day, a coordinator’s role includes:

Overseeing Vendors

  • The day-of-wedding coordinator is essentially the manager on duty. The coordinator ensures all work is carried out according to what was contracted, serving as the main POC for all wedding vendors. The day-of coordinator addresses all questions and concerns, leaving the couple to enjoy their day hassle-free.

Managing the Timeline

  • Creating a detailed timeline for the wedding day is one of the most important jobs of the day-of wedding coordinator. The coordinator must ensure everyone, including the couple’s family and the vendors, stick to this timeline.
    • For example: if hair or makeup takes longer than expected, the coordinator will step in to get things back on track. The coordinator will also make sure guests are seated promptly so that the ceremony can start on time.

Problem Solving

  • A day-of wedding coordinator must be a prompt problem-solver; this means overcoming any challenges that pop up at the eleventh hour—rolling with the punches, as it were. Also, the coordinator should divert questions away from the couple and their families so that they can enjoy the wedding. The goal is to make sure everything runs smoothly, and the couple is as stress-free as possible.
    • Examples: The day-of coordinator steps in to handle crises like: the bar running out of a specific type of alcohol, someone forgetting the rings, even a power outage at the venue. Coordinators are talented problem solvers!

Master of Logistics

  • The essential role of a day-of wedding coordinator is handling details of the operation.
    • Example: Making sure there are enough chairs for all of the wedding guests, there are easels for welcome signs, meals for the staff, and ensuring every small detail is tended to, even those that non-professionals would typically overlook.


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What is the Difference between a Day-of Wedding Coordinator vs. a Wedding Planner?

While day-of wedding coordinators are responsible for overseeing the wedding day, a wedding event planner has a much broader role. A wedding planner cultivates the vision the couple wants for their wedding day and helps to plan and execute everything it takes to make it happen. Wedding planners begin their work months or even years in advance. They are responsible for:

  • Sourcing venues 
  • Booking caterers
  • Reserving entertainment (i.e., wedding bands)
  • Making sure invitations are sent out on time, that RSVPs are in line, and that the table settings are correct.
  • Helping to resolve any family issues that might arise and making sure all are ready for special photography
  • Caring for guests with room block arrangements, transportation, rehearsal dinner, brunch, and hotel gifts 
  • Communicating with photographers, florists, lighting specialists, rental companies, linen specialists, and the venue, making sure they share the vision for the big day
  • Coordinating the bride, groom, and wedding party activities, like hair and make-up, gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, first look, day-of catering, and city tours.
  • Oversee end of evening activities, making sure the evening is closed down properly

And there’s far more — too many details even for this blog!

Day-of coordinators may not work as closely with couples as wedding planners do. Still, it is advisable to recruit them to the “wedding team” early enough to help anticipate and smooth over any potential problems that may arise. It’s wise to hire a day-of wedding coordinator at least six months before the wedding day; this gives the coordinator ample time to identify and correct any potential flaws in the planning process, further ensuring that the couple will have their perfect wedding.

Couples have many options as to how they execute their perfect wedding. They may choose to plan the wedding themselves and hire a day-of coordinator to oversee everything on their wedding day or may ask that day-of services extend to the entire weekend, for rehearsal dinner and brunch.  Either way, the coordinator’s job is to make sure these already-made plans are executed perfectly and flawlessly.


Brides and grooms have so much on their minds during the wedding day. Making sure the vision is perfectly executed should be left to professionals. Entrust a day-of coordinator with these tasks, and you will be able to enjoy one of the best days of your life fully!

If you have any questions, please reach out or read our testimonials to hear more about how we do it. Our talented team of planners and coordinators are here to help!

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