Fall is an enchanted time of year. The air is cool, and the leaves are transitioning from one stunning color to the next. Summer’s heat slowly recedes, and the crisp feel of autumn air replaces it. Virginia Woolf wrote in her novel To the Lighthouse, “and all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves….” 

Yes, autumn is a time of great transition, and so it is fitting that so many weddings, representing such an enormous life change, take place in the fall. October weddings hosted at fall wedding venues are more popular than ever, and this article will cover why October weddings are so sought-after!

Why October Weddings are so Popular

In a recent survey, The Knot found that many couples (35%) plan their weddings in the fall. The next most popular wedding season is summer checking in at 29%. Summer makes sense as the weather is expectedly warm, sunny, and friendly for travel, but why do more and more people look to get married in October? There are three main reasons: the foliage, the weather, and a good time of year for your guests. 

The Leaves

There will be a bounty of pictures taken at any wedding, and having the ceremony during the fall can provide a colorful and unique backdrop that will look great in photographs. Autumn is the only time of year when the leaves are brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow; the picturesque arrangement of fall color hues is highly sought-after for couples, whether they are planning a large wedding or something more modest.

The Pleasant Weather

If you live in The Greater Boston Area, you know how hot summertime can be. Average high temperatures can easily rise above 80 degrees in July and August; not ideal for people in formal attire. The average high temperature in Boston in October is much more temperate at 62 degrees, perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings and accompanying receptions. We love sweater weather in New England!

October Weddings – The Time of Year

Many people take their family vacations in the summer, and there are lots of holiday weekends and events that take place in the summertime, which can make guest availability somewhat unpredictable. A wedding in October hits that sweet spot after the summer but before the major winter holidays. 

Combine the fresh food choices available in October, the flower colors, and the decor options, and it’s easy to see why most people are tying the knot in the fall. If you’re interested in an October wedding, you’ll need an accomplished and professional Boston wedding planner. 

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