Do off-season or shoulder wedding months still exist? Or, have weddings evolved to take advantage of all the months of the year? While some might argue that there are in-season and off-season wedding months, the truth is weddings are happening all throughout the year nowadays. 

Keep reading to learn more about wedding off-season months, whether or not they’re still relevant, and some creative ways that weddings are planned year-round!

What are Off-Season or Shoulder Wedding Months?

Off-season wedding months, traditionally, have been the months or seasons considered less popular for ceremonies. Historically, these months are less expensive and more flexible to book because of decreased demand. 

What comes to mind are months like January, February, or March because of unpredictable and cold weather. Surprisingly, July, too, was often considered unpopular because of the hot weather. The same is true for the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, once considered off-season as there was a high potential for holiday interference. 

That leaves May and September. Traditionally popular months to have weddings because of the desirable weather and lack of holiday conflicts. 

Do Off-Season Wedding Months Still Exist?

Is there really a wedding off-season, or is this an outdated idea? There is disagreement about whether off-season wedding months are still relevant. We can confidently say that every one of our couples seeks something unique for their wedding, each with different preferences for a theme and the type of weather they hope for. 

While many couples still seek the favorable weather that comes with spring or the picturesque peaks of foliage season, many couples are now looking to host their wedding during colder-weather months. They may love the aesthetic of a snow-covered ski resort in Vermont or an icy vineyard in Newport, RI, creating something warm and wonderful during January and February.

It’s also important to remember that off-season wedding months are partially influenced by location. For instance, areas where it is hot year-round make months like July and August off-season. 

While there are months when it is cheaper to hold events, as the venues may be less competitive, there isn’t necessarily an “off-wedding season.” The wedding timeframe depends on the couple’s preferences, and some partners prefer off-season wedding months because they best align with their vision. 

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Orchestrate Your Big Day with a Creative Wedding Event Planner

There are plenty of creative ways to plan off-season weddings. January and February are perfect for snowy and cozy weddings. Hotter months like July are perfect for beach or destination celebrations, and that’s just the start.

Couples often envision their perfect wedding, and special event planners have the creative talents to make them a reality. There are times of the year when weddings are less popular, but there are never months when weddings can’t be everything a couple dreams of!

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