There are so many options for wedding themes it can take time to make a final decision, one that perfectly suits your vision. Still, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your special day – you’ll want to select a theme that speaks to you and your partner. In recent years, rustic weddings have emerged as one of the more popular themes. 

Let’s go over what a rustic wedding is, what it entails, and why it might be perfect for you and your partner! 

What Is a Rustic Wedding? 

Let’s start with the venue. Rustic wedding venues combine aspects of nature and farmhouse design, giving an air of something warm and homespun. More casual rustic weddings might include elements like wood slices, mason jars, and vases. A rustic wedding like this might be perfect for you if you and your partner enjoy hiking, traveling, or just enjoying the wonders of nature. 

Rustic weddings can also be surprisingly formal. If you choose a farmhouse setting, you can switch it up to include formal tableware and food service, chandelier lighting, and black tie attire. Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean lowkey or casual; it’s up to the couple how formal or informal the event’s tone is. 

Rustic Wedding Aesthetic And Colors

Generally, rusting weddings have a unique, natural aesthetic that differs from more traditional weddings. Most rustic weddings incorporate earth tones, such as blues and greens, and lively floral colors, like pink, purple, and yellow.

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Venue Options

You can create a farmhouse aesthetic in almost any location if you are willing to take the time to transform the space. A semi-outdoor space is ideal, but traditional rustic wedding venues include farmhouses, barns, vineyards, and other countryside locations. Due to the outdoor focus of rustic weddings, consider having it in the spring, summer, or early fall.  

A rustic wedding provides a unique, natural charm that almost no other theme can convey. If you are drawn to natural elements and styles, this wedding theme might just fulfill your dreams.

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