Wedding planner as orchestra conductor? It may not surprise you that the role of a wedding planner is often compared to that of an orchestra conductor. As wedding planners, we manage dozens of individual details that, when they come together, create something extraordinary.

Musicians in an orchestra are there to lend their expertise, provide structural support and work in unison with other musicians. Choosing the right musicians for the orchestra can make all the difference. The same is true of wedding vendors. The right wedding vendors – those that understand the vision, can be relied on to do what they say they will do and can work creatively with other professionals hired for the wedding – is paramount to a successful event. 

Sourcing Great Wedding Vendors – It’s No Simple Task

While relying solely on a Google search to find wedding vendors may be tempting, sourcing great wedding vendors is complex. A quick search will undoubtedly provide a list of vendors, but how can a couple be sure that these vendors have the experience and expertise to make their vision come to life? Finding the perfect wedding vendors takes time, effort, and, most importantly, industry-wide connections and relationships. This is where the expertise of a professional wedding event planner comes in. 

Wedding planners help couples navigate the often-overwhelming process of sourcing and selecting vendors. The best wedding planners have years-long experience, industry connections, and insider knowledge, which is necessary to find vendors that align with their client’s vision, budget, and personalities.

Ask any sought-after wedding planner anywhere in the country, and they’ll tell you they have an extensive network of contacts within the industry. They work with a variety of vendors daily and are in a great position to choose the right vendor for a particular event. This relationship goes both ways, as the best caterers, bands, and florists prefer to work with planners they know and trust, those who understand how they work and who will match them to the right type of client. 

Sourcing Great Wedding Vendors – Appearances Can Be Deceiving 

Often couples come to us asking to look at the social media feeds of wedding vendors they have found on Instagram. The images are lovely, of course, posted to impress couples with their creativity. We can’t emphasize enough that selecting vendors based solely on their online presence is not advisable. Websites and social media profiles may look impressive, but it’s the job of the wedding planner to look beyond it to what is more essential.

Can this wedding vendor fully grasp and execute the couple’s vision? Do they have experience at the wedding venue? Will they stay within the budget? Will they show up when expected? Will they work synergistically with other vendors?  Planners with long-standing relationships with your wedding vendors know what lies beyond the impressive social feeds and can clearly identify those who will help create a successful event.

Sourcing Great Wedding Vendors – Budgeting and Contract Help

Aside from helping to orchestrate the entire event, wedding planners also help couples understand budgeting and vendor expectations. Most couples have a budget limit; wedding planners help them prioritize what’s most important among the many options available. They can think creatively to repurpose what a vendor provides, stretching a budget further. How can the flowers from the ceremony, or the bars rented for the cocktail hour, be used again at the reception? This is just one example of how wedding planners work with their vendors to think outside the box.

Finally, wedding planners help outline the details of vendor/client contracts to ensure that there are no surprises; this includes negotiating prices. A contract outlines the terms of the agreement and protects both parties so that everyone clearly understands the expected terms of service. 

Wedding Planners – Your Best Friend Throughout the Process

Behind every successful wedding, someone is holding the baton, creating something extraordinary by directing the musicians or vendors to work cohesively toward a successful outcome. It doesn’t happen independently; rather, it takes lots of work behind the scenes to understand what needs to be done and choose the right resources to make it happen.

As experienced event planners in Boston, we’d be delighted to help guide you through all stages of your wedding. From selecting napkins to a band that rocks the room, we’re here to help you source the right vendors to make your wedding something special.

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